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Monday, 18 January 2016

My Goals For 2016

I wasn't really planning on doing a goals of 2016 post. They've been and gone and pretty much everyone is about a tenth of the way there. I do personally, have some goals I want to achieve throughout 2016 and by the time 2017 creeps around the corner, but I don't know whether you'd enjoy seeing what I have set in stone? 

Each year I don't normally set any goals, besides maybe the odd goal of trying to rid of a nasty habit. But this year, I really want to go forth and accomplish come really amazing goals that I feel personally are going to make me feel good by the time 2017 is here.

Do More Of Me | Every year I've always done things to benefit others. Whether it be a favour for a family member or friend whether I was busy or not, I never really had the guts to say no. Or if it was a personal change I wanted to make to my appearance, whether it be through beauty or fashion. However, if I did say no, then that other person would somehow conjure up something to say or do in order to make me feel bad about not doing it, or make me go back to the way I originally was. Therefore, this year I am planning on doing more me. I've finally gotten rid of all the people and factors within my life that gave it a negative atmosphere, and now feel I am in the right position to make a change. With the help of positive new people and a strong mind, I know I can accomplish this by 2017.

Start The Gym | I've never been to the gym or ever really considered going before. However, this year I want to start getting into fitness. I'm not getting into it to lose some weight on any particular areas but more so to refresh myself and make me think more positive (and maybe to tone up some areas). 

Do Something For Somebody Else | I'm going to admit it straight up that I am a hermit. If I'm not seeing my boyfriend or spending time with friends, then most time out of the week I will be sat in my room, binge watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Therefore, this year I want to do something for somebody else, whether it be a sponsored skydive or charity run. This year, I want to help raise money to help somebody else and this is one thing I feel will make the whole of 2016.

Be More On Top With My Work | I am someone who can leave their workload to the very last minute if I'm in the right frame of mind. However, this year I want to start handing in assignments a few days before the due date or at least a week before they need to be submitted by. By doing this I feel I'll be able to focus more on other upcoming assignments, whilst in the meantime have more free time to do things I love, such as blogging.

Maintain A Good Skincare Routine | My skin has been an issue ever since I was 10 years old. I suffer with acne, and this can dry my skin out really badly, which can affect my makeup applications and despise me trying anything new in terms of makeup. However, with the help of reviews and other people's personal experiences, I am on the hunt to find my perfect skincare routine.

Up My Makeup Game | As mentioned previously about my skincare concerns, I still want to develop my makeup skills. I'm currently testing out some new skincare products which are on trial for the next month (review to follow then), and I'm hoping the effects will improve the way makeup sits on my skin so I can carry on experimenting more.

Up My Blogging Game | Over the course of 2015, I've been starting and finishing, starting and finishing my blog so many times because I just wasn't happy with it, that I think 2016 is finally the year I am going to go for it. I have a load of ideas in mind of what I want to feature on Pennethaa, and I can't wait for you guys to see. But I'd also love to know what features you'd like to see? So, do leave me any comments down below. :)

Hopefully as the year goes on, I can find more goals to fill in the ones I've accomplished, but so far I am really looking forward to seeing what the year brings in terms of these goals.

If you would like a mid-way round-up of the goals I have accomplished and new ones I want to try and accomplish, then do let me know down below!

What are some of your goals for 2016?


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