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Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Top 5 Tips To Prevent Greasy Hair

Dealing with greasy hair on a regular basis can be quite a chore and time consuming. Most of us don't have enough time in the day, and half the time most of us can't be bothered to wash our hair and would rather be in front of the TV watching the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
In general, it's boring, time consuming and something we don't want to be spending up to an hour doing.

Unfortunately being blessed with oily hair and skin (thanks dad), means that things can get quite oiled up in the hair and skin departments, even within a few hours depending on what I'm doing. This therefore leads me to having to wash my hair and skin more regularly than I should, which can strip my hair from its natural oils which isn't going to be good for me in the long run. That is why I have compiled my experiences into 5 easy tips for anyone else who may be struggling with time and their oily issues.

1. Try Not To Brush Your Hair As Much

I've always heard that brushing my hair would help it grow more. Although this may be true, it can also be damaging as well as cause the scalp to produce more oils. Having an OCD for straight hair just a few months back before getting my hair cut, I constantly brushed and brushed my hair. If I was sat waiting, I would brush my hair. If I had gone outside for 5 minutes, I'd have to go and brush my hair. When styling, I would constantly brush my hair. Any chance I got, I would brush my hair. However, when you're brushing your hair you're causing the brush to spread the natural oils that have been sat on your scalp to be distributed, therefore I would advise you to only brush it when necessary. For example, if it has been really windy. Or if you're styling your hair. Other than that, I'd advise keeping your brush within your bag. 

2. Tone Down On How Much You Wash Your Hair

Washing my hair regularly was something that I use to have major OCD with and something I found kept my hair fresher than using a dry shampoo. Even though I did feel refreshed, I was also damaging my hair. By constantly washing your hair, you are removing the natural oils produced which are there to help with natural shine and to keep your hair healthy. By stripping these oils, you're drying out your scalp, therefore causing it to produce more oil than it needs.

To help combat this, I would advise you invest in either some baby powder or dry shampoo. Very similar in consistency and both work just the same. Put a little in the root of your hair, round the hair line, rub it in and you're good to go!

3. Try To Use As Little Product As You Can

Even though the likes of dry shampoo can help combat those greasy hair days. Overloading your hair with numerous hair products can also aid in causing your hair to go greasy. Products such as conditioner and hair oils are prime products which should be kept to the lengths of your hair. Although we all love the silky smooth finish, these products are rich in order to help provide moisture to dry hair. However, by adding these products to the root of the hair, you're only going to cause the moisture to aid the natural oils within your hair, therefore causing the hair to go greasy, due to moisture overload. Instead, opt for products which contain ingredients to help protect and repair your hair, such as Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner.

4. Avoiding Touching Your Hair As Much As Possible

Much like having the need to brush your hair, other factors such as touching your hair can also cause your hair to go greasy faster. As your hands are used a lot throughout the day to either write, pick items up, typing on the keyboard at work/home. These things are collecting oils from your fingers and by then touching your hair, you are then transferring them onto your hair. Whether you wash your hands continuously throughout the day, there's only a small percentage chance that you won't be spreading whatever you've touched onto your hair. Therefore, avoid trying to fix those little strands of hair on your toilet break and go au natural. However, if you do look as though you resemble a bush, it may be time to take the au natural look down a notch.

5. Switch Up Your Shampoo & Conditioner

Everyone has their favourite shampoo and conditioner they like to use every time they wash their hair, as it'll perform the best result they want. Volume, shine, whatever you're looking for to help aid your hair. But did you know this can actually cause your hair to go greasy? No? Well, let me explain. When you continuously wash your hair with these products, your hair is adjusting to the ingredients within the products and this can then therefore overload the hair with too much of one ingredient, which as you can probably guess is going to make your hair go greasy. Instead, change up your products. Next time you wash your hair, use a volumising shampoo and conditioner. The next time after that, try using a shine shampoo and conditioner. By swapping round your products, it's making sure your hair doesn't get use to the certain ingredients within the products, therefore slowing down the process of your hair getting greasy.

What are some of your tips to help stop hair going greasy quicker?


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