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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Why I Started Blogging

To kick start a new feature on my blog which will be making a monthly appearance, I thought I would talk to you all about the reasons as to why I started my blog. Blogging has been something which has interested me for a while. After discovering the world of YouTube back in 2011, and then shortly following, the world of blogging, I wanted to put my two cent into the world and show others my enthusiasm for all things beauty, fashion & lifestyle.

If you weren't aware beforehand, or have been following me for a while, then you'll know that I started this blog numerous times in the past but just never felt like it was right for me. I didn't have a set theme, my photos were poor and willy nilly, and generally, everything was just not what I wanted it to be. Come late 2015/early 2016, I finally think I've found my theme and place within this community and here we are today. Are you enjoying my content so far?

This post was actually inspired by the Amy (saltandchic - check her post out here) and the way she talked about blogging. Due to having a small following, I didn't feel it would be right to share tips and tricks on how to blog, photograph better etc. as really, I don't have much experience in those departments but I can share some helpful blogposts by others over on my Bloglovin' page. But, that doesn't mean I can't share my reasons behind blogging and why I want to continue doing it. So hopefully this post intrigues you and maybe inspires you to start your own blog. And, don't forget to check back every month as there will be posts on other topics from skin, personal experiences & more!

1. It's a free outlet in which I feel I can share my thoughts without being judged // Due to the way in which young people nowadays behave to others and see judging as a harmless act upon an individual, I feel that by joining this community, one in which others have willing joined themselves and therefore must enjoy what they do, that it has somehow gave me a more relaxed feeling to share my own thoughts and feelings towards something that interests me. I have never been one to be open about things that interest me or to show a certain side of myself, upon the fact I feel judged even though I may personally not be, but by blogging behind a name and not necessarily a face reassures me that maybe the ones that judge could actually enjoy something I create. Afterall, seeing others create amazing content and gain a friendly following to communicate with, is definitely something I want to see in my future!

2. Writing has always been a passion // Ever since the day I watched the Diary Of Anne Frank in Primary School, I have since then been hooked on writing. I love to write my feelings down, emotions, thoughts. I love to write essays on anything if so required and more. If it is a chance to sit quietly and write, then I so shall. I just find it to be a relaxing way to be open and share things that may need bottled up, but a piece of paper is always there to comfort you. It is as Anne Frank once wrote herself, 'Paper has more patience than people', and so it does. Or in this circumstance, a laptop and a webpage. It isn't going to judge unless you post publish, and even then 80% of the time people are willing to help you and be nice. Therefore, I highly suggest if anytime you're upset, to grab a piece of paper and write your emotions down. Or if you have a good following in which you feel you can speak too, write your emotions down and press publish. It isn't the end of the world, and it will make you feel a whole lot better.

3. I want to give something to someone else // I've always been about helping people, whether it is through a 50/50 decision or if they personally need some advice on how to make something negative into a positive. However, I've never really been one to understand how to go about it. I have a range of experiences and knowledge that I want to share with others, but putting into words that others will understand and not misjudge is hard. I want to make a point. I want to help someone who may feel like I once felt. Therefore, if by giving one piece of information out helps at least 50 people then I am content and know that my voice can actually be heard.

4. Start A Possible Career // Ever since discovering the world of blogging and YouTube, I always wanted to take part more for the enjoyment. However, as the world of blogging slowly started to change and I began to see what opportunities that other bloggers were receiving, it kind of made me want to participate more for the facts, writing, beauty and fashion are something I've always loved, more some than others. Writing is a hard industry to get into, however, if blogging can provide others with the same passion with amazing opportunities then I'm willing to take the risk. Obviously, some are going to read this and think 'she just wants it for the freebies', or 'she only wants it to be her job so she laze around everyday' etc. then that is not the case. Writing and producing content, from simple to amazing, is something I enjoy and I've always been appraised for my writing abilities from teachers and tutors. Therefore, I hope at some point in my life I can change this little hobby into a full time career.

Tell me why you started blogging down below!


*Due to a limited amount of time to create this post, the photos will be updated! But for now, please enjoy some amazing photos by other bloggers and webpages*

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