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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Prom Season Is Approaching! But, What To Wear? (Men's Edition)

Following on from my 'Prom Is Approaching! But, What To Wear? (Women's Edition)' post, I thought I'd put another guide post together but this time for the men! Yes, guys! You have a post coming your way too on this beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog and it is in collaboration with The Black Tux.

Obviously there isn't much out there for the prom season in terms of men and what they can wear, as it would be the typical thing for a man to wear a suit. But comes with this are also the shoes, hairstyle, facial hair and most of all the suit. I'm no expert on suits, with what texture, style, cut etc. is going to suit what shape. However, I do know ways that guys can get inspiration as well as the gals.
So, without a further a do let me get straight into it again...

Top Source
Bottom Source

Runways/Fashion Week(s)

First up, I find runways to be the best way for men to catch up on what the latest style, cut, colour etc. is within the suit-wear department. Each season there will be new clothes and styles on the runway, and within this mix it is likely that you will find some cut or style that you like. So, depending on whether your prom is close to the Winter season or Summer season, you will manage to find a suit for you as the runways come out a few months before the season begins. So you can either take full inspiration from what is currently out, or you can take the colour scheme, for example and mix it into your own personal taste.

Next up, is blogs. Blogs are an everyday source of fashion inspiration or inspiration in general and within this mix you will be able to find something that matches your tastes. Formal wear can be an everyday 'casual' wear for a man, so I'm sure within the women's fashion blogs there will be a selection on men's fashion blogs who enjoy wearing suits from every texture to style to colour. Also, if you're still in a bit of a rut in terms of what goes with what and you like a certain blog, I'm sure they will be willing to answer any stylist questions if you drop them an email.

Above are two blogs I found helpful when searching through them for suit inspiration as well as a male fashion blogger I follow myself from BoyMeetsFashion. They have every texture, style, bows that match as well as hair and facial hair looks that can make you look the charmer of the ball.

Taking inspiration from my previous post about prom season but for women, I took to Pinterest again for some inspiration to see what they had to offer. Pinterest is an all round mood board for any category you can think about - food, clothes, animals, eyelash curlers, gardens - you get the picture. So I had no fault knowing I could find at least a little bit of inspiration that I could then go and share with you guys on this post. Above are just a few pictures I pulled for inspiration purposes, that I found to myself to be appealing and ones which I think could help you choose in terms of colours, styles and little extra details. These pictures or any picture on Pinterest could also work as inspiration for everyday wear or if you have an interview and so forth. Never underestimate the power of Pinterest!

Left Source
Right Source
Last, but my no means least is Instagram. I didn't mention Instagram in my previous post but it is another platform that you gals, and now guys, can use to gather inspiration. Much like Pinterest, Instagram is another photo based online platform for companies, individuals and brands to share photos of their products, personal styles etc. So if you use the search '#suits' or '#suitsformen' a list of personal accounts of any post in general with those hashtags involved will appear. It's a quick and simple process, plus within those hashtags you'll also get a selection of shoes, jewellery and little details that you can incorporate into your final look for prom. Obviously, some of you may just want to go to prom, enjoy the night and from there never use or look at your suit again. However, for those of you who want to make a statement and go all out for your date (I'm sure she will love you for it), then don't forget to search for those extra details!


My Date's Chosen Prom Look

To end this post, I thought I would also put together a little kind of inspiration post for any man that is in a bit of a struggle deciding on their suit or to show you personally how I would like my other half for the night to look. The images featured here are from The Black Tux, but after searching their collections range I was definitely impressed with what they had to offer and I would genuinely buy these suits for myself or for anyone in my family who may be looking for one.

The colour scheme I have mostly gone for is light to dark shades, as I find these shades match more in with my love for neutral tones. However, depending on the colour dress and accessories I was going for, or the woman you were taking that night you would have to cater your suit to their taste. But the top 3 colours and choices I have gone for is this dark grey suit, light grey suit and the classical black style. But if I had to choose one overall, it would be the dark grey suit as it's keeping it quite minimal and casual and doesn't make it look as though you're going to a funeral or a wedding a few hours later. Accessories and shoes wise, I would pretty much go with the shoe style featured within the photo as they again, are very minimal and can be worn with any other trouser for work or another occasion. Add a simple black tie if you and your date aren't planning to be matching (or change the colour if you do decide to match) and you have a casual, yet done-up look.

What I also like about The Black Tux is that they are a new suit and tuxedo rental company, that cater towards providing a simpler and more stylish process for men who prefer to order online. So if you like any of the suits featured here or over in their rental collection, but you don't want to keep it afterwards, then you can simply rent your chosen suit for a price and have it delivered to your door within a couple of days. It is a new quick and easy way of getting your chosen look online, rather than going through the hassle of finding your nearest store that caters to suits, as you simply put in your measurements online for your chosen look and your suit will soon be on its way. So, if you are on the road to rent a suit for a one time occasion, then do check out The Black Tux online!

What are you wearing this prom season? Any textures, styles, cuts or looks that you really like? Where did you get your inspiration from?


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