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Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Concealer That Works For Dry & Oily Skin

Nars have been a brand which I never took much thought into. Being a student with minimal amount of money, I was more so for trying the best products on the high street, but after noticing my skin didn't take well to their formulations I decided to go on the high end road with my makeup.

So, in typical blogger style, I went on the hype and went for the Nars foundation and concealer. The concealer being the radiant creamy concealer. After seeing it being used numerous times in tutorials and GRWM's (Get Ready With Me), as well as seeing all the hype surrounding this line and the sheer glow range I took the plunge and added it to my basket.

First up, I want to mention the colour range. I went willy nilly with my colour selection as there isn't a Nars store closest to me without travelling far, so I took it upon myself to read some reviews, compare the swatches available online and choose from there. I was torn between Custard and Chantilly, but knowing I am very pale and can resemble a ghost, I went straight for the lightest shade available which is Chantilly, which I knew if it was too light (highly unlikely) I could use it as a highlighter instead. Thankfully the shade matched me very well (however, if you are darker skintoned there are colours available for highlighting especially if you like the concealer). But if you are a lot darker skintoned than me (I match pretty much with every light toned base), then there will be a shade for you as they range their colours slightly darker than the previous ones and they also focus on undertones, so don't worry if you're yellow, pink or neutral undertoned as there will be a selection for you. Plus, I'm sure their concealers don't range much from their foundation colour selections.

Next, is the packaging. As you can see from the above photos the packaging can get very dirty mainly the black parts unless you thoroughly wash your hands before touching that part. This can take the appeal off the whole packaging, however, besides the fact it can get messy I really like that it comes in a glass bottle with a long lid and wand. This makes it easier for when the time comes around that you are going to have to scrape the product from around the inside of the bottle which I have had to do, and found I got about 2 weeks worth of extra product if used sparingly.

The consistency of the actual product is light to medium, but can be built up. It is very opaque and not streaky when applied to the skin before blending, which does mean you aren't going to be wasting product when applying it to the skin.

The product itself and how it works on the skin is amazing. It applies like a dream, as it isn't too thick or thin in consistency so you aren't using too much or too little. When blended into the skin (I use the beauty blender), it definitely brightens up any dull areas, such as under the eyes as it is a light colour. It also covers up any blemishes and redness left over where the foundation hasn't covered, without having to continuously build on it. It doesn't stick to any dry patches and if it does such as round the nose area it isn't very noticeable.

Lastly, I find the staying power to last around between 7am-8pm if set using a setting spray or hairspray. If you don't use anything on top of it I do find the staying power can last a little bit less but not much in terms of if you used a setting spray.

Overall, I very pleased with this concealer as it has everything I am looking for especially as I have quite complicated skin to work with. I am also very pleased to see a brand that caters to very light skin tones, as it can be hard to find a good concealer that works but is light enough at the same time.

What are your thoughts on the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer? Do you love it or hate it? What high end concealers would you recommend?


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