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Thursday, 30 June 2016

How I Plan To Get Out More This Summer #GOMO

As most college's and school's finish this week for summer, it is only right that summer plans start to be put into action, whether that is with your friends camping in your nearest field or with your family going abroad. However, as summer comes into play it also appears that a lot of young people or general people tend to share their daily photos with their friends on social media and with this can also come FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), especially when you're seeing your friends and family smiling under a palm tree on holiday or down at the beach one Saturday and in result this can make you feel a bit down in the dumps as you're probably wondering why you aren't with them. Didn't get invited? Did you say no so that you could catch up with Love Island? Yeah, we've all been there. 

But, this summer, with the help of Eventbrite, I am going to help you turn your FOMO into GOMO (Going Out More Often), by sharing with you some events or plans that I have lined up to help fill in the empty days ahead before I start my second year at college in September.

This photo was taken the other day when the weather was really
nice and the temperature was just right. Today, it is rather cold
and rainy outside..
1. Explore more of my local area. Even though I have lived in my current area for 20 years of my life. As a child I was wrapped up in cotton wool by my mother a lot which did mean during my younger years to mid-teens I didn't really get to go out and experience what the world had to offer at that time for my age group, which is why I want to catch up more now and explore more of my local area. I live in quite a historical town with many stories to tell, so going out and seeing more of the local areas is definitely something I want to do this summer.

2. Finally get around to using my gym membership. If you read my 'Goals For 2016' post, then you'll know that I had paid to start the gym and surprise, surprise... I haven't started yet, haha. Back in January, me and my friend did agree to start the gym together and we had a whole schedule planned out for each week, but due to changes in our lives and schedules we didn't manage to get around to using it. I'm also a big wimp and refuse to go alone, haha. However, this summer I do plan to use it more as I don't have assignments sitting on top of me and also because I want to put myself in a more positive mindset. So, we shall see how far we go in terms of using my gym membership (next update: December 2016 haha).

3. Attend some local car bootsales. I've been noticing a lot of car bootsale signs around my local areas and my friends mum actually partakes in a few of them and even though I don't have much to spend, I do feel like it'll be nice to go and have a look around my local ones and see whether I can pick up any bargains. Also, because I'm in the midst of redecorating my room, it would be nice to see whether I can get any cheap, old-fashioned trinkets which I can include in my room (I do plan to showcase progression posts on decorating my room on my blog throughout the progress! - make sure to check back for those).

4. Go for walks or a bike ride. Since I was very little I remember always coming home from school and immediately grabbing my bike and just riding around my neighbourhood. Ever since I got into high school, I decided to pass over my bike for technology (social media, gaming consoles etc.) and it went from there, so now my bike is currently collecting dust in the garage. But all is not lost as since it is summer and I can now drive (yay!), it would be nice to take the bikes to a local area and just go for a bike ride until the late evening. Or if no-one fancies a bike ride, then walking and tying in with what I mentioned before, going for a general walk to explore the local areas will be a nice event just to tie in with the day, as you never know what you might find!

Has anyone been glamping before? What was your
experience of it?
5. Have a weekend getaway. Although staying in your local area is always nice, especially as there is always a new spot to find. It is also nice to go out and see what other activities are available. Glamping for example, is something I really want to do as a weekend activity this summer and I may plan it for a friends birthday as a little surprise, as it's just something so simple, quiet and nice to do and is genuinely a great activity to do if you just want to relax.

6. Host a charitable event. As part of my business course this year, my course was asked if anyone wanted to partake in a charitable event in which we basically plan a lunch/evening dinner for a bunch of people who have either lost someone close to them or need support in the challenging times they are going through. This will be hosted in early October in my local college and is going to be marmalade themed to tie in with the marmalade festival currently happening, so I feel it is going to be a great experience seeing how much planning and organising goes into these types of things and it also ties in with one of my goals of helping others this year, so if I can manage to take any photos I will be sure to blog it for anyone interested.

Also, if you're currently partaking in an event this summer like me or later this year, then do make sure to check out Eventbrites ticket page and RSVP page which allows you to easily sell tickets for your event and track payments, as well as create a page which allows you to track whose attending your event as well as all the promotions tying in with what you are hosting. Due to the event in which I am partaking in being charitable, I won't be using the ticket page as much, but in terms of tracking whose attending and the promotion going into the event, I will surely be using the RSVP page as I feel it'll be very helpful in keeping everything organised.

7. Develop and expand my blog into the fashion community. This year, even though it is very early days with my blog and I have been lacking in terms of content, I do want to evolve into the fashion community. Fashion, if you didn't know, is my main interest as I love dressing up and having  different categories of clothing for every mood, and I want to be able to showcase that side of me on my blog. However, due to lack in confidence of essentially showcasing photos of myself online and generally standing in front of a camera, this may be a work in progress but one which hopefully has a good outcome. 

Also, if you're in a bit of a rutt with your confidence and want to delve into the fashion community side of blogging, then do check out this helpful blogpost by Salt And Chic.

Next on my list of remake films to watch
8. Accept more invites or plan more trips to the cinema or bowling. I'm definitely the type of girl who would rather go home and watch a stream of YouTube videos, or write content for my blog or generally play sims until I'm blue in the face and need a week's sleep (literally, ask my friends about this addiction). However, with summer quickly approaching and friends becoming more available depending on their jobs and personal matters, it does give great opportunities to get together and go see what is currently on at the cinema or go bowling, jump mania and so forth. I for one, are very happy with all the remake films currently coming out, so these will definitely be on my list to go and see when I have time between all the other activities.

9. Meet up with old friends. With new paths comes great new friends (see what I did there?). But also with new paths comes lost friendships from old times. Before starting the course I am currently doing, I did do an Art and Design course and through this I did meet some amazing new people who I considered really good friends. However, as that course ended and we all ventured onto our next path we did lose contact and this is why this summer I do plan to arrange to meet up with some new and old friends. It'll be a great opportunity for a big catch-up and it also assures that you don't lose these friends further down the line. Great places to go are local coffee shops, libraries, walks etc. if you want one-to-one meetings or even ask your old friends on new adventures with your new friends throughout the summer.

10. Watch the sunset at my favourite destination at least once. This photo obviously may not tie in with the caption to this activity I plan to do this summer, as it does look as though I already completed this task. But, this photo was taken about 2 months back when the sun had just set but unfortunately we didn't get to see the rest of the beautiful sky as we had to be on our way. But from just seeing how beautiful the sun setting was, I would like to go back and either watch the sun set in the morning or see it fully set in the evening by sitting on the beach or in the car with friends or a partner, and just generally chat away about everything as the morning or night draws closer.

11. Find myself. Lastly, I want to be able to find myself through all these activities. By that I mean in terms of my own personal being as well as relationships. The past month or so has been very challenging for me personally and I do feel like a good turn around in my life is needed. Therefore, through all these amazing adventures I do want to be able to create a clear head space for myself which showcases what is right and wrong and what I really want. I also want to use this time to help build some self-confidence and hopefully allow this to help me adventure onto new paths in my life and make some really good life changing decisions.

What do you plan to do this summer to get rid of FOMO? Share your plans for GOMO down below!


*In collaboration with Eventbrite*

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