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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bedroom Redecorating Part 1: Planning

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Alongside beauty and fashion and everything in between, there is also a tiny space in which I have a love for interior design. Now I will admit, I am a perfectionist when it comes to this department and if everything doesn't mash together or if I see one design I love as much as the other, I will literally sit for months and contemplate which one I want the most. In the end, I always come out of it with a decision but then I always want the second option I didn't choose more than the first. First world problems, I know. 

But this then brings me onto a little project I have in motion at the moment. For my 20th birthday I wanted to take the opportunity to be able to redesign my room. My room is currently of a blue and black theme from when I was at school and went through the classic 'gothic/emo' phase and wanted everything to be dark as possible. However, as I come into my twenties I wanted to go more for a brighter and fresher look to my room and one which when I decide to leave home can still be used as a guest room and be one pleasing to the eye if my dad ever decided to sell the house and move on. 

As you can see from the layout above of my bedroom, it is quite the box shape. Therefore, trying to fit furniture into certain areas is quite the challenge especially as most styles of furniture I like don't always come in every size possible (why do some stores do this?). However, after much deciding and browsing through Pinterest and looking at other people's bedrooms on Instagram & YouTube I have come up with a layout and theme, which you can see above, I am very much happy with and can't wait to share with you further once everything slowly comes together.

Sources L-R barbarapbabe & Monikh
Now, before going any further in terms of furniture choices and so forth, I do want to mention that I have decided to go for plain white walls. I feel by having plain white walls this will help to bring light into a somewhat small room and make it look bigger, and also because the walls are white I can pretty much match any accessories I like to it and it'll make a good background drop for future photos as well. 

As for the flooring, I am torn between the two options shown above. My first option was the darker flooring as I feel this will be a great contrast against the white walls, and after seeing some great Instagram photos with props included I thought this would be a better choice. However, after seeing the effects a grey wood flooring can give to photos I can't help but lean towards this choice.
So, which would you choose?

Lastly, in the planning process is the furniture and little trinkets to add. I will be doing a seperate post on the trinkets I am planning on incorporating into my bedroom, but this post is mainly about the main furniture I basically need, i.e. drawers, vanity, shelving etc. So, as previously mentioned my room is quite boxy and therefore it's going to be about slotting items into place as best as possible rather than running around like a headless chicken trying to find the right sized items.

The first item I am going to be picking up, is this drawer set from Ikea. After looking at it featured within the display photos on the Ikea website, I feel it'll be just be big enough to sit beside my bed as well as slot beside the wardrobe & mirror. Also, because it has three drawers I feel this will be enough space to host my makeup collection possibly in the first drawer as it slowly starts to come together. The second drawers can host my unmentionables (underwear as such) and lastly, the bottom drawer can host more of my thicker items such as jumpers.

Next and leading on from the drawers to which I may possibly store my makeup is the Alex 9 drawer. This, if you aren't aware, is the typical 'blogger' drawer set as you would the typical 'blogger' bag and so forth. However, I'm not choosing this to essentially fit in with the rest of the female blogging community, but more so as I feel it'll fit in with the rest of the interior of my bedroom due to its simplistic look and also because the drawers themselves don't have handles on them which means I can pretty much pair it with anything in my bedroom. 

To go alongside the Alex drawer set is this vanity/desk from Ikea. Surprise, surprise, it's Ikea again. But it's true what they say, Ikea just knows what a girl wants for her bedroom. Now, I've seen a couple of bloggers feature this desk in their videos and photos, especially ThePersianBabe, and I'm hoping and praying it'll fit just at the bottom of my bed. I also plan to add the large silver mirror, also featured above, on top but leaning against my wall to add some detail to that overall area. Also, depending on the space within the drawer provided with the desk and the Alex drawers beside it, I may find that the drawers will give me extra space to store some clothing.

Lastly, is that little slab of wood featured at the bottom of the photo. This, if you aren't aware yet again, is a shelf. I plan to possibly get around 6 of these - 2 to host some books above the drawer and 4 to possibly hold my shoes on the wall at the bottom of the bed. And again, because these are so minimal, I find they won't take up too much space because of the white to white ratio, so they'll blend really well and also because the slabs are all one length, they'll happily fit together nicely.

My next interior post should be here within the next couple of months once the flooring has been put down that I have chosen and once some of the furniture has started to be incorporated, so if you enjoyed this post and wish to see more then don't forget to check back for those or sign up by email to the side, which will ensure you get a reminder sent you once part 2 of these posts has gone live.
Also, for the very last post I'll also be featuring a before and after post of my bedroom, but a quick note is that in both photos the walls will be white as I didn't manage to get a photo beforehand of the blue walls - sorry.

Do you have any ideas in which I could possibly incorporate into my bedroom to make use of the space? What are some of your favourite places to pick up bedroom furniture or trinkets? Is there essentially any specific types of features for these posts you'd like to see?


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