As the end of the month draws in, its time to put together a selection of products, items and bits and pieces which I have been loving throughout the month. However, due to having a busy schedule near the end of June and not really having a lot of favourite products to combine together for one month, I thought I would put it together with July as well. 

So here is my June & July favourites!
First up, is this deep hair treatment for split ends by John Freida. I find the top layer of my hair is more dry compared to the underneath layer of my hair, which is probably due to using a lot of heat more so on the top half than the bottom half. So finding any sort of hair treatment or conditioner which is going to help smooth the ends of my hair and make my hair more manageable when styling is definitely something I am hunting for on the market. The John Freida treatment is good in terms of the thick consistency ensures my hair gets a good coating when in the shower/bath, however, I don't feel as though it is the 'it' treatment that I am looking for which ensures maximum smoothness all day and even after using heat on my hair. So, if you do have any recommendations for a good hair treatment which sits within the categories I am looking for then do leave me a comment down below!

Next is another hair treatment and this one is by Pantene and it is their dry oil with argan oil which helps to smooth the hair to give it a sleek finish. Again, I don't feel like it is the 'it' product I am looking for in terms of hair oils which offers a lot of help to keeping my hair smooth, but I do find once my hair has been blow dried after using this, that the ends of my hair are considerably a lot more smoother and manageable, which is the type of finish I like once I have dried my hair. In terms of giving it a 'sleek' finish however, I don't feel like it works on my hair even though my hair type is fine, but for a product on the market which isn't overly priced I do say you get your moneys worth.

Next, are two new YouTubers that I've been watching throughout the month of June and July and it is The Sim Supply & Lilsimsie. As you can probably guess, they both make The Sims videos, which I am very much a fan of and feel like I spend half my life either playing myself or watching others play. The Sim Supply also does other gaming videos as well and has more than one YouTube channel, but I specifically watch his sims videos and really like his 'Rags to Riches' series he is currently doing, which showcases starting the sims out from the beginning with £0 and slowly overtime they'll start to bring in money which can allow them to open restaurants and so forth. The limsimsie on the otherhand also does YouTube videos, however, hers are more storytelling type of videos and builds. I specifically enjoy watching her rebuild series where she takes old sim houses and renovates them, so if you have trouble building on The Sims then do upload a house to The Sim gallery using the hashtag she has within her videos and she'll be able to renovate a house for you.

Next, we going into the first part of the fashion favourites with these gorgeous shoes from Dorothy Perkins. I have been looking for a certain style of shoe that has a reasonably high heel, with a point at the front in a grey colour for the past few months now and when I noticed these in store a few weeks ago, I immediately had to have them. Obviously, with this style of shoe I always notice a hefty price tag comes with it, but these beauts were in the sale for £15(!!!), yes £15, so I quickly snapped them up after finding the last size 5 pair. They have a 4" heel, which isn't too high to walk in and the space around the shoe leading to the point of the shoe has enough space that your foot won't feel cramped. I can see myself wearing these with an all black outfit, or with a white shirt, so they are very versatile when it comes to styling.

Back to the haircare/beauty side of the favourites is the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Silky Smoother Shampoo & Conditioner. This is a new range that has been brought out (as you can see on the bottle) and oh my god the smell of these products is amazing. They smell sweet but not overly sweet and the scent lingers on the hair so long after that I do sometimes find myself sitting and sniffing my hair most of the time. The conditioner also works amazingly at ensuring the dry ends are smooth and not frizzy, however, because the consistency is quite thin and watery I do find myself wasting it half the time if I use a bit too much.

The last beauty(?) favourite and one which is quite boring for the month of June and July is this mouthwash by Colgate. Now, I ain't overly fussed what brand or type of mouthwash I use in conjunction with my toothpaste. However, I am quite fussy in terms of how it feels within my mouth (that's what she said). With this mouthwash I find it doesn't leave a burning sensation when rinsing but is quite cooling instead, and also the taste reminds me of lemonade which makes it exceptionally pleasing to use.

Another sim related favourite for this month is the latest game pack released by EA and that's The Sims 4: Dine Out. I don't necessarily buy all the packs that are released, only the ones I feel I can make some good game play out of and when I saw the trailer for this game pack I couldn't wait and immediately bought it the day it was released. So far I am thoroughly enjoying it, although I do feel some parts to it could be changed to make it more enjoyable, but I have a full review coming for it which should be posted either before or after this post so keep an eye out for that if you're interested!

Last favourite of the month has to be this dressing gown from Asda George. The material of this dressing gown is so silky and light that you instantly feel relaxed the minute you put it on, plus because the material is so light its perfect for those warmer months when you feel a tiny bit cold but don't want to put a fluffy dressing gown on, which is mainly the reason I picked it up. I'm also in love with the pattern of this dressing gown, as even though it is a bit plain with polka dots I still feel like it's quite cute especially with the little lace trim around the bottom.

What have you been loving through the month of July?