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Friday, 15 July 2016

Shopping The Dorothy Perkins Sale

A few days ago myself and my boyfriend decided to have a stroll around the shops in my local town after we had picked up some wallpaper to redecorate his room. Obviously, as we had more time to spare than usual I had to see what the sales had to offer and I instantly turned to have a look in Dorothy Perkins as I am a big lover of their shoes and guess what? I fell in love with about half of the store but unfortunately, unless I have a bank account as big as Kylie Jenner I couldn't walk out with half the items I wanted.

However, I did walk out with 4 pair of shoes which weren't anymore than £15 each, as well as 2 tops, both in the same style but different colours. What can I say... I liked the top, okay? The tops will be featured soon enough in other posts I have upcoming but this time I thought I would focus this post all around the shoes as I love shoes and I'm sure a lot of other people do. 

The first pair of shoes I instantly went for and probably the only pair of flats you'll see within this post is the black wide-fit shoes. Firstly, I have wide feet so finding shoes that offer this option is like a god send as I find normal flats of this style can crush the sides of my feet, but if I go a size bigger they also tend to not fit properly either. So, when I saw these flats for around £16 but reduced to £8 I instantly had to have them! They also came in a grey colour too, but unfortunately they didn't have my size.

The next pair of heels which caught my eye are the mid-heel black heels. These aren't normally the size of heel I would go for as I do like my heels to be about 4" high, but seeing as though my little feet can't cope with wearing 4" heels everyday I opted for a smaller heel which I could wear everyday with trousers or skinny jeans and in the process not have my feet feel as though they were going to drop off after an hour.

Next, are my all time favourite pair of heels I found and those are the grey suede heels. I just love neutral colours and when I spotted these in the sale for £15(!), yes £15, I instantly had to have them. They fit comfortably around the foot and there is enough space round the sides so that my wide feet don't feel crushed. To style them I can see myself wearing these with a whole black outfit such as a black tank, black skinny jeans and a black long coat.

The last pair I spotted and ones which I was a bit unsure about are the pinky-nude ones which were £12 in the sale. I spotted these from afar after noticing they had the nice point to the front of the shoe which is my favourite style of heel. However, on closer inspection I noticed they were a bit more pink than I would have liked but being unsure whether I'd want them a week later I took them with me. They also fit my foot comfortably and have enough space round the sides to ensure that my little toe area and the sides of my feet don't start hurting after an hour.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchases and can't wait to style these with the rest of the items in my wardrobe. I will surely be featuring these shoes in outfit posts in the near future once I have gotten over the sheer fear of having any picture of me posing surfacing online, but until then I will be showcasing a few snippets over on my Instagram and here on my blog.

Have you had a look around the Dorothy Perkins sale? What did you pick up?



  1. I've never heard of Dorothy Perkins, but then again I'm not shoe connoisseur so that's likely why. These shoes look beautiful! xx Adaleta Avdic

    1. They also do clothing and accessories as well besides shoes! I just find their selection of shoes is very good in terms of high heels especially for the prices they ask. Check out there website here: - see if there is anything you like! :) x

  2. Love this item. It's beautiful!
    Good vibes, FOX
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