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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Clothing Essentials Wishlist

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Lately I've been in the midst of creating a wardrobe which is going to be versatile, but also has the odd piece which fits in with the current trends - sort of like a capsule wardrobe but with the odd come and go piece which will also be versatile but may go out of fashion at some point, so a denim skirt for example. So, to show you what I am currently adding into my wardrobe as well as the pieces I am loving and so desperately want right now and also as a way to keep a list of the items I want to be adding into my wardrobe and can easily go back to, to order (if my readers haven't taken them all by then), I thought I would create a wishlist. 

With wishlists, I find most people add the items they love and will buy and then will find they don't wear it for the next 6 months (unless of course it is a 'luxury' wishlist), but with this wishlist I thought I'd give you an insight into what my wardrobe will hopefully be looking like at some point throughout the months and that way my readers can get a sense of what my style is and what may be upcoming when I finally start to incorporate fashion posts into my blog.

To start off with I thought I would talk about the 2 denim skirts which are featured above to the left of the post. Now, wearing and picking skirts isn't normally something I shop for or wear for that matter as I feel they don't flatter my overall shape, especially as I have wide hips, a thin waist and a big bum. However, I am currently loving the denim skirt trend and just skirts in general lately, and I really want to incorporate them into my wardrobe and I feel that the style of these skirts are going to hopefully be flattering for my body shape. Styling-wise, I can see myself wearing these types of skirts with either a longline blazer, tights and some flats for everyday or to dress it up a bit (more so for the dark navy skirt), pair it with a turtle neck top (also pictured above and right of the skirt) with some black knee high boots.

Next, is tops. I have quite a lot of basic tops in my wardrobe as I feel these are the best to wear as everyday, but I also have the odd bold print top or checked shirt for the more casual, relaxed days, but I still feel as though my basics need built on and this is where the likes of Boohoo come in handy. If you're aware of the brand Boohoo then you'll know their basics section literally has every style of basic top you could want and all for cheap prices too. So if you suddenly see the top change in colour in a few months or so forth then you can easily go back and repurchase it again without breaking the bank. The two tops I have in mind that I want to add to my wardrobe however, is a turtle neck (available in the petite section) and a bardot-off-the-shoulder style top. These types of tops are really easy to throw on with a pair of high-waisted jeans or skirt and you can even pair these with the denim skirts shown above. Want to spruce them up a bit? Add a choker or for the bardot style top, simply add a delicate scarf and you are good to go.

Moving onto shoes and probably my most favourite department we have some pom pom lace up sandals and knee high boots. The pom pom sandals are a relatively new addition to the shoe/summer market and one I was a bit 50/50 about at the beginning as they are quite out there. However, after seeing the likes of Samantha Maria (beautycrush) styling them in her lookbooks and OOTD's, I instantly fell in love and actually, they can be a wardrobe staple. Let me explain... as they are quite basic with the tan colour but with a hint of boldness from the pom pom's, these can pretty much be worn with anything. Dress them up for festivals with shorts, a thin parka, fancy makeup etc. or tone them down for the warmer months with a simple black dress. The black thigh high boots on the otherhand are definitely a versatile piece, much with any black shoe. They are practical for the colder months as they keep your legs warm but also at the same time they are classy and casual. Casual-wise, they can be worn with a little black dress yet again or dressed-up wise can be worn with a bodycon jumpsuit and a red lip.

Going back to the basics again, we have some more bottoms but this time trousers. I am a lover of trousers as they can be casual yet formal depending on how you style them, and everyone needs a pair of trousers in their wardrobe, even men, for say if you have an interview or wedding etc. But as the fashion world has developed, it means that more styles of trousers besides your basic ones are being released such as flared trousers. My favourite style of flared trousers are the ones which go down the leg until they touch the floor. I feel this style works best with heeled sandals and also because the leg style goes from tight to flowey, it means you can wear either a tight or loose top on top. The next pair of trousers featured are quite a new find for me that I feel are a cropped version to the long flared trousers. These however, I feel would look better with something tight on top, so a bandeau or long sleeve crop top could work for these style of trousers. As for shoes, a simple court shoe or sandal could easily work for these trousers or even a simple small block heel closed toe shoe.

Next, we have accessories. Accessories for me is quite hit or miss or quite frankly I think I'm just fussy. I like accessories which go with my entire wardrobe and that won't lose their colour or go out of fashion quite as easily. I also like my accessories to be basic, so nothing really big and out there. So, as I'm revamping my entire wardrobe the first piece of jewellery I feel will fit in nicely is this metal bar choker from ASOS. As it's quite delicate and simple, I can see this going with a plain black or white skirt and some jeans with either a heeled sandal or court shoe. I can also see this delicate piece going with basic long sleeve, high-necked tops, just to add some extra detail to a somewhat boring neckline.

The neck accessories are two bags. One luxury and one high street. I want to blame my good friend Laura-Jade for introducing me to the brand Radley, as even though their spotty dog logo isn't really my taste, I do find most of their styles for their wallets and bags are quite classy and easy enough to hide the logo if you aren't a big fan. So, let me introduce this beaut Radley backpack. Firstly, I am in love with the colour. It's just so bright and clean that I feel this will sit nicely with an all-black outfit or if your outfit has some denim in it. Also, because it is so basic, it means it can be pretty much styled with any outfit or colour just to add that extra detail. The next bag however, is quite smaller in comparison and is more so for those days when you want to take the necessities with you but not the entire contents of your handbag. This one is from New Look and is the perfect style and shape to again, wear with pretty much anything you have in your wardrobe. The only gripe I do have with this bag though is, that I wish it had another option of a non-quilted design, as I feel this is much more sleek and classy and to my tastes, but you win some and lose some.

To finish off my wardrobe wishlist we have a suit and a blazer. I'm a sucker for a good blazer, my wardrobe right now (whats left of it) is about 95% blazers in practically every colour and style. I've also just recently ordered another black one but in a longer style which I will be featuring soon so keep an eye out for that. But, I just find with a blazer that they can be both dressed up and down, depending on what you pair them with. Two good examples are actually pictured above to the right  of how I would style a blazer and I find matching them with the same coloured trouser is just the most befitting outfit that you could wear daily if you felt comfortable enough too. I also like to wear blazers with leggings, which I know is a hit or miss with some people, but if done correctly it can look quite nice and put together, yet casual and is great for those days when you want to be comfortable but also look a bit put together.

So there we have it, a quick-to-long wardrobe essentials wishlist. If there are any items on this wishlist you would like to see paired with other items in a sort of styling post (not yet fashion post unfortunately) then do let me know down below. I'm also on the hunt for the perfect white basic shirt, so if you have any good recommendations as to where to look then do let me know down below, also.

What is currently on your wishlist to pick-up in terms of essentials?


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