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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Wilkinson's Homeware Want List

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If you read my bedroom redecorating part 1: planning post then you'll currently know I am in the mist of redecorating my bedroom into a place where I can take lovely photos for my blog, possibly start YouTube and generally just have it as a place I can go to to chill out. So far I have chosen the furniture, colour scheme and flooring to my room (yet to be put down), so all I have to do now is pick out the little trinkets in which I want to place here and there.

Obviously as I'm redecorating everything from scratch, this means that these little posts are going to be popping up here and there just to showcase you what I am currently adding and also as a way for me to go back too so that I can purchase the items when the time comes (hopefully they won't be out of stock!).

The basics items I have found so far that I would like to incorporate into my bedroom and starting with, is this lamp. Everything of course is from Wilkinsons, as the title suggests, so I won't be referencing where everything is from, however, in terms of the lamp I do currently have a main light in my room on the ceiling but that is quite yellow and is also a fan. So, to help bring out the brightness within my room besides using natural daylight, I wanted a light which could sit next to me on my bedside and that would use a non-yellow bulb, that way if I find I want to take photos in the evening or even just sit and read a book or browse on my phone, then my room will be light enough and bright enough and it will also help create that 'cosy feeling' as well. Also, keeping in with the cosy theme, whilst actually browsing in Wilkinson's yesterday I came across these pillows in 3 different shades but all of the same material, and I feel these will sit nicely upon my bed and will fit in nicely with my cream rug I plan to get and bed throw. The last items I plan to incorporate into my bedroom are simply some flowers and candles. I've recently gotten into the whole fake flowers and candlelight room vibe, so any chance or space I have to incorporate them I sure as hell will be. My favourite candles at the moment have to be these ones from Wilkinson's of course, which are fresh linen and lavender and rose. These smell so fresh and I feel they will create a nice relaxing atmosphere for my room.

Have you got your eye on anything from Wilkinson's? Is there anything you'd feel I would like or would recommend?


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