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Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Late September / Early October Favourites

As the middle of October approaches us and September slowly disappears, it does really feel as though I only started back at college yesterday. But with two assignments already handed in for their due dates, there is no going back now! September really was a month all about new products and new starts with some exceptional new brands having some amazing products within their collections. However, come October I soon realised I forgot to post my favourites and together have combined it with my September loves.
First up is the Palmolive Strawberry Touch Body Butter Shower Cream. This caught my eye whilst doing the weekly shop in Morrisons with my dad and I was on the hunt for my current beloved shower foam. But sitting two shelves down with a little chocolate friend I instantly noticed its bright pink packaging and little strawberry drawings on the front - I knew I had to have it! The strawberry touch shower cream comes in the original shaped packaging for any Palmolive product and has a squeezer at the end to distribute the product. But what I love the most about this product is the smell! Think of strawberries and cream and you instantly have yourself a treat but in bath form!

Next is the Paul Yacomine Microseries No.3 and Micro Treatment Oils. I received these in my subscription box with The Libbie Club and was a bit adamant to use them a first due to the way the products had been packaged (full run through of how to use them here) and the whole dry and wet hair concept. However, after reading thoroughly on how to use them and watching YouTube demonstrations, I finally caved and gave them a go and haven't looked back since. The Micro Treatment Oil (the blue bottle), is the treatment you put on wet hair before drying, and the Microseries No.3 (golden/yellow bottle) is the product you put on once your hair is dry. The two make for a perfect combination as my hair feels incredibly smoother and soft and a lot more tamable than it naturally is. There's no greasy residue afterwards and works well in conjunction with hairspray and dry shampoo. I also really like the wet and dry concept as with other hair serums of the like you normally apply it to wet hair and go from there, but by having an after step I do feel like my hair is more safer from heat damage. 

Next is the series The Tudors. The Tudors basically outlines the life of Henry VIII and his 6 wives, and if you are anything of a history nerd like me than I can guarantee you will love this series! Unlike other stories telling the tale of Henry VIII, this one goes really into depth regarding his life outside the palace and his relationships and showcases the wars he went too, personal matters and also showcases little Edward as he grows up. Whether this series sticks to the exact story of Henry VIII's life I am unsure about, but compared to other shows they are pretty similar. It's a must-watch!

The fourth favourite of the month is the Olay Beauty Fluid in Sensitive. I've seen this product raved about before by Suzi from Stylesuzi and decided since my current moisturiser had ran out I would give this cheap alternative a go - priced at £5.99! First up, I really like the packaging. Due to it having a squeezable body and lid to dispense the product, it makes it more hygienic and also allows you to get the desired amount of product that you want. The consistency of the product isn't too watery or too thick, so it makes distributing it all over the face a lot easier. It sinks in really fast and really well, ensuring all dry patches are moisturised and works as a great base for makeup. I find my makeup will last a couple of hours longer compared to normal when I have used this and with my problematic skin that is a must and a bonus for me!

Next is another body care item and it is the Imperial Leathers Marshmallow Bath Cream. This stuff is amazing! I'm just going to throw it out there and say I love Imperial Leather as a brand and half of their products are currently sat within my bathroom ready for the colder nights. Also priced at £1, you are definitely getting your money's worth for such a big bottle and a little bit goes a long way ensuring you get enough bubbles. Plus, it also smells of Marshmallow, so who doesn't want to come out the bath smelling all nice and sweet ready for bed? I know I sure do.

Another favourite this month is the one and only The Great British Bake Off. I never use to watch this programme until this year and after only 2 episodes I was instantly hooked. Anything cooking related like Masterchef or baking, I will watch religiously as the series goes on and this is exactly what I am doing this series. Who are you betting to win? I have high hopes for Selasi but with the cooking Candice has been doing, it could be a close call!

Last, but by no means least are these insanely delicious ginger snaps! They are homemade by a lovely local lady, and are so rich in gingerbread and so crunchy, that they really go down a treat in one go. Unfortunately, these aren't available to buy online but I'm sure you'll be able to find some similar if you type 'ginger snaps' into Google. 

What have you been loving this month and last month?


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  1. I love that you have put a mix of favourites in this post, Bake off is definitely a fave of mine! That strawberry shower cream is something I will be purchasing very soon, I bet it smells so delicious!

    Lots of love, Jade x


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