Today, I thought I would bring a little love to the blog and talk about the inspiration behind my starting a blog and who motivates me to continue on today. I will admit I have always wanted to start a blog since 2011, but never really had the mindset nor confidence to actually start one. However, I am happy to say come January 2017 it will be 1 year since I started my blog and I am generally quite happy with how far I have come compared to the last couple of times I started my blog. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions as to whether I could continue with it, but I feel in 2017 I may start to bring some new content to this space, as I feel I have gathered my strength and capabilities and actually knuckled down on where I actually want to go. But without any further ramblings, let me continue...

The first blog that inspired me to create my blog solely based on their content, photography and general layout is StyleSuzi. I have been following Suzi for quite a while now and to me I find she is a very down to earth women who keeps her content simple but interesting. I enjoy watching all her videos whether it is beauty to lifestyle and I adore her vlogs, I generally watch them for hours on end - she also has the cutest little boy I have ever seen! But what really inspired me from Suzi's content on her blog is her photography, post layouts and her general aesthetic to her brand. I love her crisp photography and her post layouts give me SO many ideas for my posts that I currently am blooming with photography ideas but with no posts to put them with - I need to start brainstorming! I also love her aesthetics, everything is neutral with hints of colour which is the theme I am currently trying to go with over on P.A.U. Her blog screams ideas to me, just from a simple post about her son to even an in depth run through tutorial. If you want some easy reading but good photographs then Suzi is the one to check out!

The next blog that inspired me to create my blog features more on intriguing titles and the use of props within her photography - you all know her by now and if you don't where have you been??? It's The Anna Edit. Anna's blog is one I could literally sit and look through for hours on end and with each post that I turn to, I instantly manage to create some (what I find) intriguing titles that I have yet to put to use, but soon! Posts such as 'The Shirt Edit:My Favourites', 'Spot 101: How I'm Trying To Clear Mine Up' and 'New-In Beauty: Tried and Tested'  are just some titles that I can instantly read and automatically I have around 5 post ideas that I can't wait to put together. Her use of props also amazes me. She can take anything from a simple piece of paper to a couple of rings and create photographs I'd likely see in an art-book - that is where I want my photography to go! Did I also mention her organisation and helpful guides? No? Well, you need to check them out! I live for her organisational posts and guides to YouTube or Blogging or general out and about doings. If you want someone who knows their content, has a very consistent upload schedule and is easy to read - Anna is your girl!

I'd love to know who inspired you to start a blog down below!