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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

FeelUnique U-Review: Salcura Bioskin Adult DermaSerum Daily

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by FeelUnique to be apart of their U-Review scheme. This scheme is all about receiving products from their website in exchange for a review. These reviews are too be posted onto the FeelUnique website, but I thought I would also post my review here on my blog as a way to give a better and more detailed insight into what I think about the product and also to help aid those in making their purchasing decisions by linking them back to a more detailed review through the FeelUnique website. All opinions will be my own even though these products have been sent to me for review purposes, there will be no hidden lines at all.

The first product I was sent through the U-Review system was the Salcura Bioskin Adult DermaSerum Daily. This is essentially a face serum developed for adults and children over 12 years old who have ezcema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and dry, itchy skin. It has a naturally effective nutrient rich formulation with a hassle free application, with no added harsh ingredients. It provides rapid itch relief by sinking deeply into the skin in order to nourish the skin cells earlier on in the life cycle, making them more healthier as they begin to reach the surface.
On hearing about this product I was a bit apprehensive as to whether I wanted to give this product a go. I don't suffer with any of the targeted issues it states, however, what I do have is acne. Acne can be related to rosacea, which gave me the last push to give it a try. 

The product came with two items; the daily serum and a little sachet of the Salcura BioSkin Adult Zeoderm Extra as an extra step to help with those drier areas. In conjunction they help moisturise the skin ensuring the growth of healthier skin cells. The BioSkin DermaSerum Daily is the first step to the routine and comes in a hassle free applicator bottle, which allows you to distribute the right amount of product. It has a very strong medical-like scent to it, which on first application can be a little daunting in terms of 'is it going to harm my skin rather than do good?' or 'is this really available to buy to everyone?'. However, I can reassure you once you get over the sheer shock of the strong scent, this serum sinks beautifully into the skin and leaves no redness, stinging sensations or irritation. It works well in conjunction with my cleanser and moisturiser and I find there is no bad interactions between them, but more so it helps in the moisturising of my skin alongside my moisturiser. I also found it doesn't create any excess oil within my pores or flips and makes my skin extra dry. Instead I find it keeps my skin at a good level between the two and after using it for the past 21 days, I can say it has made my makeup application a lot smoother and more flawless. However, if you do suffer with more drier skin, then I would recommend using the extra step with this routine to help target those more stubborn dry patches, which I don't have so didn't find I needed to use this step.
Now, would I recommend this serum to people who suffer with dry skin or maybe acne? Yes.
I found over the course of using this serum that my skin became a lot smoother and that it helped aid the redness left from any spots that I had previously, that had appeared throughout testing this product. I've also noticed that any dry areas around any spots I had has diminished a lot and created a more smoother area to work with in terms of makeup application. Lastly, I've also noticed that the overall appearance of my skin has gotten a lot better and that it has reduced the number of spots I get on a daily basis to practically none, which for me is amazing especially when you are dealing with acne-prone skin. 

Overall, I would rate this product 8/10.

Have you tried this range before? What are your thoughts?


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