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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My First House Build | The Sims 4

Search 'pennyaunwin' on The Sims 4 Gallery or 'Suburban Family House'

Building in The Sims 4 has never been one of my strengths. I always find either the roofing looks weird or one side of the house doesn't balance out with another side of the house or generally, I find that the entire house looks like one big square with no character to it at all. But after hours on end of searching the gallery for a suitable house for my current sim family, and with no luck of finding one to my tastes I decided to take the challenge of building my own. 

The overall aesthetic I was going for, for this house was suburban, bright but neutral rooms and big enough to fit a family of 4 or bigger. Each room is quite spacious with an open living room, large hallways, spacious kitchen, a nursery en suite to the main bedroom, a bathroom attached to every room almost, a garage, an office as well as a movie room to the back and it also has an outdoor pool. This build can be easily adjusted to fit your tastes, as you can make the rooms smaller or enlarge each room, add a gym, another office or even create your own at-home spa. There is definitely enough space in this sims build to add or takeaway as much as you like.

The screenshots:
Living Room With A Bathroom Off To The Side

Kitchen With An Added Pantry

 Hallway Off To The Side Of The Kitchen and Upstairs Hallway Leading To The Bedrooms

Main Bedroom With An Ensuite and An Added Nursey

Kids Bedroom 1 With An Ensuite

Kids Bedroom 2

Kids Bedroom 3 With An Ensuite Which Can Be Accessed Through The Hallway


Movie Room Complete With A Snack Station

Garage Complete With A Woodworking Table, Easel and Motion Gaming Rig

Back Of The House With An Added Pool

There is some custom content throughout the screenshots which has been used throughout the numerous rooms, however, to avoid placing an empty house I have replaced most of the custom content with base game content which looks similar or has a similar feel to the custom content used. But if you do want to use the custom content used within this build then I suggest looking on the Sims Resource, modthesims and

Have you done any similar builds? Do you prefer sim builds being shared on here or on tumblr? Let me know down below!

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