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Sunday, 30 July 2017


Since the warmer months are now upon us, even though it still feels like winter outside most days, I have come to the realisation that in actual fact my wardrobe is made up of 98% black clothing and the other 2% of clothing actually has colour it in. Who would have thought that warm weather would make you see how much of an addiction you have to buying black clothing? I didn't, but I am now making it my mission to add colour into my wardrobe, as well as different styles to try and spice things up a little.

My favourite piece I am lusting over currently has to be the gingham ruffle skirt from Boohoo. I never once thought I would love ruffles, especially as my current wardrobe style is all about figure hugging and plain pieces, and when the ruffle trend did come about it never really peaked my interest. However, I do feel if you find the right style of ruffle and amount of ruffle you can alter pieces to your taste. I will definitely be styling this one up with a white top and my oversized denim jacket. Another style or trend I am also loving is the one shoulder tie front balloon sleeve shirts. These shirts are perfect for anyone who feels they don't suit shirts or wants something a little different out of a shirt. These types of shirts are also versatile, in that you can style them up and style them down for any occasion, and they pretty much will go with anything!

What is currently on your wishlist to change up your wardrobe?


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