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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Renovated Family House | The Sims 4

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Following on from my previous Sims 4 build of a family home, I found that building on The Sims actually brought about some down time for me to just chill out, relax and basically create to my heart was content. Once over I would never have looked twice at building anything on The Sims, due to sheer length it would take it create anything at all. However, lately, I've been really enjoying building, whether that is my own creation or simply tweaking another creator's work. I also find it makes my gameplay a lot more fun as well, as I am using my own creations and therefore it feels more special to me. But enough waffling on, and let me explain the concept I had for this specific build.

Before I start, I want to note that the base of this house build was originally built by Lukey, you can find his build here. I take no credit for the idea of the initial house build and am only sharing my little tweaks of the house. Call it somewhat of a fixer upper. I instantly fell in love with the exterior of his build and even though a few aspects of it wasn't to my liking, mainly the interior I decided to do a rebuild after gathering some interior inspiration off Pinterest and Google. 

The theme behind this build, much like my other build is to use bright colours and try and make it as family and as homey as possible, and if you haven't noticed already I do enjoy a bit of yellow and orange. What with the new wallpapers that arrived with the Parenthood pack, it would be silly for me not to take advantage of them. Now, I'm not going to lie and say it was simple trying to rebuild this house because it wasn't. It took a lot of trial and error to get each room exactly to the right scale and even though the kitchen could look a little big to some simmers, I do enjoy a rather large kitchen in any of my sim households. But adding on a somewhat small pantry did make the kitchen scale downsize a little bit better. And, yes, I am one of those crazy kitchen people - sorry! For the living room, I pretty much kept it the same to what Lukey did as I really liked his layout and the items that he used, so I decided to keep this room somewhat the same. As for the office off to the side, I wanted to create this as a place of work, whether that be homework, school projects that came with the Parenthood pack, or whether your sim has some reports to fill out after the day is done. Unfortunately, the Apple product(s) shown on the table and in the kitchen are custom content, but if you type into Google 'The Sims 4 Apple Laptop CC' it should bring a list of mods up that you can use. Now, the hallway has to be one of my favourites. I like how it hides a little walk off to the side which will take you into one of the downstairs bathrooms, but I also like the little mirror and shelving area I created as I did find this made the whole house come together as being a family home.

Going up the stairs to the bedrooms, as you can probably see I pretty much kept the hallway the same to what Lukey did in terms of design, however, I did move the stairway but I feel the whole concept that was originally created is still there. Each of the rooms is the same to how Lukey created it (I have yet to renovate the two children's rooms until they are born into the game that is why they are not featured within the screenshots, and they have also been uploaded empty for you to design them as you wish) in his videos, however I have renovated the rooms a little to my preference, mainly the master bedroom. Some custom content items have been used throughout the upstairs of the house but again, if you type into Google what you see you will generally be presented with the items shown in the screenshots. If not, I mostly get my custom content from the sims resource, sims4updates and modthesims.

To finish this build, I went over the exterior of the house and basically changed the exterior colours to something a little more bright, edited away the kids play house and renovated the back shed. I also added in some more kids outside play toys and also jazzed up the decking area, adding some fairy lights from the new Parenthood pack, an outdoor eating area with an added barbecue as well as a cute seating area for those warmer days (or when seasons arrives). I also put in some kid-friendly wind chimes and lastly, making the two empty grassy areas near the fence into a little grow-your-own-crop area. However, if you so wished, you could turn the shed into a greenhouse or even remove the jungle gym and create the original kids play house into a greenhouse. The possibilities are endless.

Share any of your family/homey builds or renovations down below!


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