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Friday, 18 August 2017

A Little Update

I feel like ever since I started my blog back in January 2016 I haven't really sat down and done a life update or any life-related type posts, really. I've been pushing out beauty posts left, right and centre and other posts, but I thought it was about time I sat down with just my laptop, myself and an empty house full of thoughts ready to begin rambling on about what's been happening. So let's begin...


So, life-wise. Basically back in June I finished my final year at college. I've been going to college for around 4 years now and in that space of time I've done 2 different courses; an art and design course and a business course. It's crazy to think that my years of education are finally over and that it is now time to go out into the big wide world and make a life and future for myself. I will admit, the past 4 years have been a challenge. I found myself not enjoying sixth form back in 2013 after I finished school, not truly knowing what I wanted to do as a career, whilst all at the same time not wanting to waste time deciding what I wanted to do and going forth with a course to fill in the gap. It was only in 2015 that I sort of understood the route I wanted to go down and that was after a lot of trial and error. So where do I plan to go now after finishing college? Well, I am hopefully planning to take my blog full-time within the next year or so. So, in that time frame of now to then, I am looking for work or apprenticeships within the business area of work, which right now is proving challenging (more challenging than I thought it would) but I am hoping by the time September/October comes around I will have a job, but in the meantime I am planning to put all my efforts into my blog as well as something new I plan on starting (read to the bottom of the post to find out!).


The blog blues have definitely been something I have been battling with over the past couple of months. I have ideas, I know how I want to put them in a post, but... finding someone to help me and understand what I want has been the part that has been the challenge. Also trying to find how I can put myself into my blog as me, has also been another challenge. I feel since the beginning of the year I am constantly comparing and thinking how can I fit into the blogging community when I'm pretty much giving off a niche which others are doing as well, but I feel I am now in a place where I know what my niche is and how I want to put this into my blog.

So when do I plan to start creating content again? Well, I'm hoping September/October time is when I will start to plan to get straight back into blogging. I always find once September comes around its another chance to start again, much like a new year but I don't want to wait to the new year to start blogging again, as I really just want to get stuck in and start creating content I love making and you will love to read. So in September I do plan to start bashing out the content more frequently. It will start off slow but I am hoping once I get organised and find what works for me I can hopefully get into a routine.

I'm also planning on officially getting my own domain. I don't know whether it will be in September when I plan to bring my content back, but hopefully within the next couple of months or so you will start to notice a domain change. My blog name will stay the same, I'm just hopefully going to be getting the '' changed to ''. I am very excited!

Following on from the domain change, I hope you guys are also liking my new blog theme. I've been in a place where I've been loving my blog theme and then a few week later I will hate it and this has been adding to my lack of motivation to blog anything. I wanted something that had my neutral aesthetic, but at the same time looked simple but exciting and I feel I can now safely say I feel I am in a place where I am utterly in love with my blog theme as its everything I wanted, and hopefully it won't be changing any time soon haha. My theme is by Underline Designs and I am absolutely in love! It's one of the pre-made templates available but I did have some customisation's to the title pages and the 'more reads' section at the bottom of the posts, as I was definitely in need of a little va-va-voom to which everything didn't feel so flat and I feel Mina did an amazing job! Plus, for the prices she offers for add-ons and the templates themselves, you are definitely getting a bargain.

I'm also planning on introducing some new series to my blog alongside new content come September. I'm firstly planning on doing a weekly series where it will be somewhat of a Sunday roundup of my week and a post for those who enjoy winding down come Sunday morning with a cup of tea and a blanket, with just some good reading material. You could call it somewhat of a weekly favourites, but more of things I've found and started loving and generally just want to share with you, as well as any life happenings. 

I also plan on at the beginning of 2018, doing more travel related posts. I want to branch out with my blog and create more content I enjoy reading, as I not only feel it will help build my confidence but it will also get me out of my comfort zone. I won't lie I am a hermit. I always enjoy being at home as I feel nothing can hurt me, but after noticing the days I spend sitting in bed or glued to my PC, I feel its time to go out and discover more of what the world has to offer. The posts will be focused more so on relatively close places to where I live for now, which is not far from the Lake District, but hopefully as the year goes on I will start to branch out to more places and I will be sure to document where I go on my blog.


Now, if you read at the beginning of this post (tut tut if you scrolled straight down to this section) I mentioned I was thinking about starting something new. Its been sat on my mind for I want to say the last year or so, but I only feel that now I am ready to actually progress with it and that is starting my own YouTube channel. Yes, everyone and their nan has a YouTube channel, so its not something that is spectacularly new, but it has been something that I've always wanted to try and see if I would either be good or bad at it. I'm not quite sure what I want to focus it around as I have so many interests but at the same time I don't want it to be a channel that's too much of everything at once. My first initial idea is to start creating sim videos, as I have a lot of ideas on stories I can create and then hopefully branch out into more beauty related videos. But at the same time, I do want to mix things up a bit and maybe do a mixture of beauty/fashion videos with an added sim video in the mix throughout the week. I'm not quite sure what I want to do yet, but hopefully come the new year I will have a better understanding as that is when I do plan to launch my channel. As of now I am open to ideas, so if you have any suggestions then do let me know down below.

 I am excited to be starting blogging again come September. I have so many post ideas but if there is anything specific you would like to see then do let me know on here or on Twitter, but until then I best start planning out my posts!


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