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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Moscow Mule & Blackberry Smash Cocktails

Summer has pretty much been and gone and the colder months are drawing in. But that doesn't mean you have to start putting the cocktail concoctions away, but simply spice them up for the sunny days with a slight crisp wind. Or the evenings, when you're snuggled up on the sofa catching up on all the TV you have to binge watch from the week before. That's why I've teamed up with Skinnypop to bring to you two of my favourite cocktail selections from their list, as well as their popcorn pairings for when you need a little help on what to create for a quick Autumn barbecue or a simple night in with your friends. 

What I really love about both these cocktails is firstly, they are quick and simple to make. Simply gather all your ingredients, put in a blender, blitz and within 5-10 minutes you have a refreshing beverage. But besides from the quick timing, I also love the fact that both of these are right up my street, especially the blackberry smash - give me anything berry related and I will be a happy girl! The Moscow Mule is a simple twist on classic mojito (never been a fan of those!), with the rum being substituted for vodka (my fave!) and with a hint of ginger beer (I love anything ginger related!). The blackberry smash on the otherhand, is a mixture of all my favourite fruits with definitely a lot more alcohol to brighten up those chilly evenings in front of the TV.

Popcorn Of Choice: Original

1/2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
2 oz vodka
4-6 oz ginger beer
4 mint leaves

Start by squeezing the juice out of 1 lime (this catered well to me alongside the vodka) into a cup or jug, leaving the remaining skin aside. Using the leftover lime skin, gently trace this around the rim of the glass and then gently with some salt on a plate, create a salt rim round the outer side of the glass. This will help to create a nice taste against the lime and vodka (repeat this for the blackberry smash).
Next, add your vodka, lime juice and ginger beer into a blender and blend for a few minutes.
Pour into a glass and then lastly, top if off with your mint leaves and a couple of ice cubes.

Popcorn Of Choice: White Cheddar

5 blackberries
4-6 mint leaves
1/2 small red plum, peeled and diced
1/2 oz simple syrup
1/2 oz cointreau
2 oz whisky

Start by preparing your fruit. Cut, peel and dice your plum and leave aside for later alongside your blackberries.
Then move onto creating your simple syrup. Depending on how sweet you want your cocktail, will depend on how much you add. You can either buy a simple syrup in your local supermarket, or I simply heated sugar with boiling water and stirred until dissolved. Leave aside to completely cool.
Once your simple syrup has cooled down, begin to add all your ingredients into a blender and blast until there is no lumps and all the flavours are level with each other - remember you can add and take away as much as you like depending on your preferences.
Pour into a glass and top with your mint leaves and some ice cubes for an added touch.

Will you be trying any of these cocktails?

In collaboration with Skinnypop


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