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Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Sunday Post: A New Series

Happy Sunday everyone! Ah, Sunday's really are the best days for lie-ins, copious amounts of tea and endless binge watching of shows you missed throughout the week. I, for one, definitely look forward to this day without the dreaded thought of its Monday the next day. It just refreshes my mind and allows for me to battle the following days knowing its a new week, so a perfect time to try something new. Speaking of new, you may have noticed this new little section on my blog, called The Sunday Post. As the title suggests, it's going to be a round-up post all about my week, which will hopefully go up every Sunday, if not, every two Sunday's. It will feature some of the highlights of my week, the downsides, what I've been binge watching from YouTube to Netflix, as well as the blogposts I feel everyone needs to read. By doing these weekly round-ups, it will not only allow me to vent and get my thoughts out, but it also allows you, my readers, to see a little more into my life if you don't follow me on my social media (here and here). But for now, let's get into the juicy bit...

Highlight Of The Week: 

I got an interview! Since finishing my business course back in June, you can read about in my little update here, trying to find a job in my hometown has been proving a little difficult. Sometimes applications go out and they come back unsuccessful within the first 5 minutes, or sometimes I don't get any responses at all. But thankfully, luck is on my side and I have an interview coming up in the next 2 weeks in an area in which I am very keen on, so fingers crossed everything goes well!

What To Watch:

If you're like me, and you're more into vlogs these days than watching hauls and makeup tutorials then I highly suggest checking out Amelia Liana's vlogs. I remember a few years back she was part of the small group of YouTubers I watched religiously, including Zoella and Lily Pebbles to name a few, but just recently found her channel again and oh my goodness, I cannot stop watching her vlogs! I just love how she films every little detail of her day, whether that's decluttering, a heart to heart, her little doggie Duke or even what she's eating. The vlogs which showcase the true side of someone's day, which have very little editing, are the vlogs I definitely enjoy the most. So if you're into that side of vlogging then I'd highly recommend checking out her channel.

Trailing off the side of YouTube and onto what the TV has to offer, there definitely has been two shows which I cannot stop watching back-to-back - Masterchef Australia and Faking It: Tears Of A Crime. Two very different shows in themselves, but two shows definitely worth watching! I've always been a fan of watching cooking shows ever since my mum would watch them when I was little, and after discovering my love for Masterchef USA I couldn't help myself in finding out what the Australia version had to offer. Much like most Masterchef shows if you've seen them yourself, basically each round will feature a certain brief that the cooks have to meet, however, with the Australian version they include little perks of winning pins which can save you from a round, to the chance to cook off against popular chefs and more! If you're into your cooking shows then this is a much watch. Faking It: Tears Of A Crime however, is more so on the grounds of it showcases real crime cases involving murder, and how each individual within each individual murder case basically try to portray themselves as a victim, but how their body language or the way in which they portray themselves basically gives it away in the end. It's very mind boggling but interesting at the same time, and it amazes me how little aspects of a person can lead to something major when solving a crime.

What To Read: 

I've been sitting on this thought for a while and after reading Helen's post about feeling uninspired and unfilled, it definitely made me realise that even bloggers who know what they are doing, sometimes sit down at their laptops and have days where the words just don't flow. In my update post back in September, I wrote how I was planning on getting my shit together and planning to blog more, but sometimes I come to my blog and the ideas and imaginary I have for my posts just don't happen and it puts me in a slump to the point where I just want to press delete on everything and start a fresh when I can put everything in my mind down on paper, or in this case blogger. But sometimes life doesn't work out that way and I need to remind myself that everyone can make something good out of something bad, so in my case it's okay to feel bad about not having the resources I want to make the content I want, but instead I should feel grateful for what I have and make the most out of the resources I have already - as the end of the day I may end up making amazing content with what I have more so than with items I don't have. So, if you're having a bit of a slump at the moment like me, read Helen's post of this post even and remind yourself that there is something good in every little bad thing.

Also tying in with what I just mentioned and how I want to get myself out of a blogging slump, I've been finding Anna's organisational posts really helpful. Her post on how to set yourself up for a productive week has definitely helped in calming my mental state down. I am an organised person, but when it comes to my thoughts, ideas and sorting them out, I am literally the person with 10,000 notes with all her ideas jotted down. It doesn't help, at all. That is why I am planning on getting myself a cute little notebook, sitting down one evening, planning everything out from chores to ideas to everything else as Anna mentioned, and hopefully in the end, will find myself on the good blogging train into the New Year! 

The Disappointing Factor:

Most people will likely miss out the bad factors of their week, as they want their blog to be a happy place for others. But, I want my blog to be as open as it possibly can and if that means sharing even one small disappointing factor then I will. It not only helps me relieve some stress, but it might help someone like you understand you aren't alone (insert heart emoji).

Soo, I've been battling a really serious and somewhat annoying bladder infection. I won't go into to much detail just to save you the gruesome details, but I have had the week from hell. Everything at once from my mental state, to life and everything else also decided to come at once this particular week and it's only now that I can say I am slowly getting back on track. I am normally fine with the feeling I have a water infection, but this particular week it was playing hell. But thankfully, I have taken my antibiotics and I am now completely fine. So note to future me; try and take things a little more slowly instead of running around like a headless chicken.

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