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Thursday, 21 December 2017

A Small Current Favourites

Who can believe we are nearly at the end of 2017?! I surely can't. It feels like almost yesterday that we were celebrating coming into 2017, but I am with the majority in saying that 2017 wasn't the best year for me personal-wise. However, blog-wise, I can say it has inspired a lot of blog content which I can't wait to share with you coming into 2018! But for now, I am going to be sharing with you my last favourites of 2017. Unlike last year where I picked one product that stood out for me from everything else that I loved. This year, I thought I would end it with a current favourites - so not a favourites for the month of December or for the year 2017 - just a current favourites that has collected over the months and that I had to share. 

Original Source Moisturising Shower Milk(s): For me, any product with the word milk in it I instantly stay away from due to having acne and finding that is one product that reacts with my acne pretty badly. So it was a bit of a gamble to pick these up and give them ago without wasting them. But thankfully, I can say these caused no reactions to my skin whatsoever, and actually find they help keep my oily skin at bay just for that tad bit longer. The range itself is amazing in terms of scent. Three of my favourites are the lime and coconut milk, sweet apple and vanilla milk and lastly, cherry and almond milk (which isn't pictured) but is soon becoming a new favourite - it reminds me of cherry bakewell tarts for some reason. They lather well for such a thin consistency, making it easy enough to cover my whole body with such a small amount, plus, they also work amazingly as bubble bath if you find yourself run out of bubble bath at any point.

The White Company: Next, is a brand and it is The White Company. I've heard about this company from a lot of YouTubers I watch and only took until this year to actually make a purchase myself. It was a candle, so no surprise there. But it had to be one of the best candles I had smelt. Fast forward to now, and The White Company are perfect for stocking fillers or luxury presents for such a good price, that I had to pick something up for my mum. 

Also, if you're sat thinking that maybe £20+ isn't such a cheap price for what you get, let me tell you why it is. Most of the products on The White Company can actually work as multi-purpose product in terms of, once you've used the product up you can use the bottle or container it came in for something else. I'm currently using my empty candle jar as a makeup brush holder but could also be used as a small vase for flowers. Same goes for most of their bath range. Or if you're into their scents, even cleaning the last scent out and reusing it for another scent can work a dream.

Emma Hardie Professional Cleansing Cloths: Moving onto a firm favourite of mine; the Emma Hardie Cleansing Cloths. These clothes have been a dream this year and are AMAZING when used in conjunction with an exfoliator or an exfoliating cloth. I like to use them morning and night. Morning time in conjunction with my Liz Earle muslin cloth and my cleanse and polish, and night time on its own. I don't know what it is about these specific cloths, but I find after I've exfoliated my skin they just work amazingly as an added step to smooth over the skin ready for moisturiser and then your makeup. I don't know how they work, but I don't think my makeup has ever sat so smoothly on my skin since before using these.

Mince Pies & Festive Chocolate: Tying in with the festive period and my only favourite for the month of December; mince pies and festive chocolate boxes. Mince pies have to be my all time favourite treat for Christmas, more so because they are normally a one-time thing a year type deal, which to me makes them extra special and a treat I will never get bored of. Plus, the rich flavour from them is almost enough to make me want to eat a full box of them - yum! 

Festive chocolate boxes on the otherhand, even though these are technically available all year round, I just find getting the classic roses, quality streets, celebrations and heroes that little bit more festive and will always remind me of when I was little and would wait for my parents to leave the living room so I could sneak as many chocolates as I could upstairs. Let me know down below which one is your favourite! My has to be heroes all year round.

The Crown (Season 2): Moving onto the series side of things, a Netflix favourite and its The Crown. Ever since the first season came out I was instantly hooked and its definitely catered to the history nerd side of me. It's just something about the royal family and looking into their lives, seeing that they are just like every other individual with relationship and family problems, but seeing how their daily activities and issues have to be looked at differently to your average person. I don't know how to describe it but its just so intriguing seeing that side of things, as well as seeing how someone so young could take on such a big role.

MAC Cosmetics Eye Brushes: Lastly, is 3 eyeshadow brushes from MAC. The 230, 217 and the 224 eye brushes. I'll always remember these as being the staple eyeshadow brushes from MAC around 2-3 years ago and instantly wanting them whenever I seen someone do a makeup tutorial. Obviously now, we have major makeup brands coming out with their set of brushes but these 3 will always be memorabilia to me. Now I won't lie, but these brushes have been tucked away for some time now for when I felt ready to dive into the world of eyeshadow. I'm a pretty much basic girl when it comes to my makeup, so deciding to up the ante is something which is pretty big for me. I finally took these out of storage a couple of weeks ago and my god, they are amazing! For a beginner, they made me look like I had some sort of idea of what I was doing and although it will still take me a few attempts to perfect these shaky hands of mine, I think we are onto a winner! Never underestimate the power of a good eyeshadow brush, let me tell you.

What are you loving through the month of December? Or what has been your favourite product for 2017?


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