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Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Sunday Post: The Beech Hill Hotel & Spa

Hello you lovely lot! How is 2018 going so far for you? This week has had to have been one of the best weeks so far coming into the new year and one I didn't expect would happen so soon. Although exciting, it has also been quite busy in terms of filling out applications and pushing myself onto my next career step after finishing college back in June, and even though these past couple of months have been relaxing and allowed me to see where I want to go, I feel now it's 2018 and a new month I am ready to sink my teeth into something new. 

Highlight Of The Week: 

On Thursday myself and a really close friend of mine headed to Windermere for a little overnight stay at The Beech Hill Hotel & Spa as a treat for her 20th birthday. Her lovely mum decided to pay for both of us to enjoy the perks of the spa (which if either of them are reading this post - thank you very much!) and I must say an indoor pool with a sauna and steam room, with a rather lovely outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the view you see in the above photo, it definitely was a treat and one I am wanting to revisit sometime in the near future. The room was amazing with a rather spacious bed (10/10 from me as I love my big spacious beds) and even overlooked the amazing view, which unfortunately we didn't get to see a sunset but if we did, I'm sure it would have been amazing!

What To Watch:

Now, this wouldn't even be a Sunday Post if I didn't mention the amount of times I have binged watched this series on Netflix. Although it came out on the 8th December, I must say it definitely has my fingertips tingling for the next series to come out. The Crown, a series I'm sure everyone and their nan watched over the Christmas period and is one I will continue to binge when I have nothing else to watch. It just grabs you in, makes you wonder every little detail on every scale and even astonished me that everyday things could even happen to the royal family. If you're into your history or just generally the royal family, I would highly suggest paying that monthly subscription fee - even if it's only for a month so you can binge watch it like I am.

On the YouTube front in terms of what I've been watching non stop since my last post - which you can read here - it has to be AmandaRachLee's Bullet Journal videos. I am insanely hooked! Bullet Journaling has been something I've wanted to start since the middle of last year and Amanda offers every type of video you could want - monthly layouts, doodle ideas, font ideas, stationary hauls, equipment she uses, page ideas and more! If you're a beginner like myself (I will be sharing my own bullet journal, including pens I use and the layouts that I like next month) then I highly suggest checking out her channel. When I first started out I simply went with Amanda's 2017 layout and then basically tweaked it from there. It works as a great starting point and she even breaks down the bullet journal concept in such simpler terms. 

What To Read: 

Tying in with wanting to push myself onto new paths this new year, I am also planning on revamping my blog within the next month or so - which you can read all about the changes here. I am planning on moving Penny A Unwin to wordpress and evening bringing in a new design. Now, none of this would be happening without the help from Kotryna Bass Design Blog, which is basically my go-to blog right now for everything technical in terms of blogging and getting the most out of your blog. It has everything you need from moving your blog from one platform to another, to adding plugins for wordpress, to even sharing FREE templates and blog designs if you sign up for her newsletter and also she shares all her knowledge on anything blog related you can think about. If you're someone like me, who pretty much likes learning as she goes and doing things on her own, then this blog will guide you along the right path and you'll most likely come out the end of it feeling like a total B.O.S.S!

The Disappointing Factor:

Although in my first Sunday Post (can we count how many times I've said although in this post?) I did mention I wanted to add disappointing factors of the week, just to break things up a little. Unfortunately, I don't have anything that has disappointed me this week. Its just been amazing in terms of results to getaways for a night. So, I am thinking of changing up this little section a bit, by swapping it for something else just on those weeks when things are a little too thrilling. All ideas are welcome, so please leave them down below in the comments. 

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