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Saturday, 30 January 2016

January Favourites

Welcome, to the first instalment of my monthly favourites post.
 This month I am going to be talking you though a range of a new products that I've accumulated within the past 2 months or so, but these products are ones that I've fallen in love with at first sight or spritz/touch, whatever finish it gives. Therefore, the love may be running short with this one but they definitely have given me results I am happy with.

I'm going to try and make this a regular thing on my blog, but depending on the month & my amount of spending that month, they may be here and there. I also don't want to finish every month with the same post but instead do a range of finishing posts, so depending on how things go from here on out  we shall see what happens with these types of posts. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray | In no particular order, but firstly, is the Urban Decay Setting Spray. I received this at Christmas from my lovely friend Laura (if you're reading this post, then hey!), as I suffer a lot with my skin in terms of makeup. Tight packed powders aren't my friend & the loose powder I currently have my eye on isn't in stock at the moment. However, after receiving this & from using it for the very first time about a week or so ago, I have come to the conclusion that I love this product! The spritzing technique to this product is weird on first use, however, once you get past that stage then this works a dream. It creates such a layer on top of your makeup, that it actually looks as though your makeup is your skin. I also find it doesn't make my makeup cake throughout the day, when it normally would without this or powder. However, it doesn't stop my makeup from disappearing throughout the day which is the only fault I can give to this product. But getting past that, I would give this product a 9/10.

YSL Black Opium Perfume | Next up is a perfume by YSL. Black Opium has been making its travels amongst Bloggers and YouTubers, and this definitely influenced by decision in getting it. However, I will admit I didn't go and smell this before ordering it, but from judging by the ingredients from my current perfume at the time to the ones in this one, they did match almost exactly. And to reassure your minds, I absolutely love it. I wouldn't say its a night-time scent or that it is all that sexy, but it does make you feel empowered in a way. It's very deep smelling and once on the skin, does last almost all day. The only bad thing I would say is that for 30ml of product for around £50, I would have liked a bit more but due to it being a high end brand it's kind of understandable.

L'Oreal Elnette Supreme Hold Hairspray | Hairspray. A product I never used once before as I never grasped the technique to it and would always look like a battered fish by the end. However, after getting a hair change in December, I had to change the way I styled my hair which meant I had to change my hair products & that included using hairspray. I curl my hair everyday and in order to keep those curls intact throughout the day I like to use Elnette hairspray by L'Oreal. I like how this is a fine formula meaning it isn't going to weigh your hair down or make it really crispy. Also, because it is such a fine formula, it means you can easily brush it out (depending on how much you put in), and restyle your hair in a different style the next day, without the need to wash and wash your hair regularly.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Moisturiser | This is a really new find and one that I loved from the first moment I used it. I received it 3 days ago, after reading such amazing reviews about it and how it really helps dry skin. From first using it that night to now, I can swear down that this has made such a difference to my skin instantly. Its such a bouncy formula meaning you get what you pay for as you only need a small amount for your entire face. It's also a cream/gel formula which are my favourite, so it instantly feels like your skin is hydrated & once it had sunk into the skin, my skin feels so amazingly smooth that I just can't stop touching it. Yes, it is that amazing and if you suffer with dry skin then I'd highly recommend checking this product out. I currently have their balm on my wishlist for those pesky dry spots that may need extra nourishment.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Toner (Dry) | This is also a relatively new find, which I received around 3 weeks ago. Having tried and tested numerous toners before, mostly drugstore, and finding they never really worked for my skin, I was a bit sceptical about trying this out especially since its within the higher end brand mark and could mean a waste of money if it didn't work. But, what can I say about this product? It's amazing! Since I suffer with acne, which you've probably heard or are going to hear a lot about on this blog, then it means my skin can become dry and is a tad sensitive. However, after using this for the past 3 weeks I've definitely noticed my skin has become a lot smoother and the flakiness has diminished slightly. I've also noticed it doesn't sting my skin either, unlike other toners I have tried which is definitely a bonus for me. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this product and I'd recommend it if you have dry or sensitive skin.
It's currently on offer for £20 on FeelUnique, where you get the cleanser & toner together. I wouldn't pass it up!

Babyliss Loose Waves Curler | Last up, but by no means least, is this curler from Babyliss. I received this around 2 years ago for Christmas, yes you heard that right, and it was only last month that I actually got round to using this. It creates such nice loose waves with a hint of tightness to them, that once they begin to fall out throughout the day it definitely gives you that 'I woke up like this' type hair. I don't know whether these are still available, but I would check out either Argos, Wilkinsons (for UK people) or the Babyliss website. Who knows, they may even be on sale.

What are your favourites for the month of January?


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