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Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Mid Week Shop Pick-Ups

 Every Wednesday/Thursday is when me and my dad will wake up about 8am and toddle off to our nearest Morrisons. Although, the food shop is about seeing what you can sneak into the trolley from every aisle, it also means the chance at picking up some new hair items and necessities (even if your dad does give you the look of disgust, but what can we do?).

Nearly every week will ensure that I need some necessities, be it body wash or shampoo and conditioner, or I may just need an extra can of hairspray for precaution measures. But besides from picking up my necessities, I always manage to get roped into there current offers or the selections they currently bring in.

Tresemme Salon Finish Freeze Hold Hairspray (£4.93) | A couple of weeks ago, just before Christmas I finally took the plunge and got a fringe cut back in. This was inspired by Sammi's new do, and having had a fringe before and not really liking it, I was a bit skeptical whether or not I would like it and have to go on hating my hair until it started to grow back out. Thankfully, having tried a new way to styling my hair (a post will soon follow), I've had to start investing in a lot more hairspray than I normally would. My before hairstyle was sleek and straight. My hair now requires 40 mins everyday to curl it and therefore a load of hairspray to keep it in place, otherwise it falls down within an hour. Having tried and loved the L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray, I wanted to try something a bit more stiff and that wouldn't budge when brushed out. Tresemme has been a firm favourite of mine with their shampoo and conditioner, so hopefully this is going to be another new favourite.

Palmolive So Dynamic Body Wash (£2.00) | The palmolive range within any drugstore isn't one that has caught my eye very much. That may be down to reading reviews only on certain brands, therefore making me a bit of a bath and body product snob, but since having loved most of the low-end brands within Morrisons, I thought I'd give this a go. I tried the Mango and Passionfruit version of this a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Then picked up a berry one and it turned out to be a body scrub and hated it. However, this time I decided to go for something more organic. Although the smell reminds me of a man's bodywash, I'm hoping it's as good as the mango one.

Colgate Max White Mouth Wash (£3.29) | I've been on a bit of a mission to try and whiten my teeth more without the use of having to go to the dentist. Although it is mostly common knowledge to know that most whitening treatments on the market aren't going to live up to their fullest potential, I decided to give this range a go. I haven't noticed much of a different from using the toothpaste and mouth wash, however, I'm hoping after a longer use that my teeth will start to be a bit more whiter.

Morrisons Exotic Bath Soak in Oriental Fusion (79p) | Lastly, is one of my all-time favourite bubble baths. Morrisons own brand is definitely cheap, priced at 79p for their range of bubble baths, it is still cheerful. This one in particular is so gentle against the skin, smells so fresh and most of all the scent lingers throughout the day. I recently got over a rash which was caused by stress and that consumed most of my body, and I'd say out of all my products (besides Imperial Leather), that this had to be one of those that just soothed away the redness and any pain caused by it.
A word of advice: don't ditch the own brands just because they're cheap. They are still good if not better than most branded items.

What have you currently been picking up?


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