A couple of months ago I decided it was time to get serious with my skincare. After watching numerous YouTube videos on skincare routines and seeing the different products individuals use, I decided it was time to invest into some serious skincare products which were going to help combat the redness in my skin, also reduce any scarring as well as keep my blemishes at bay and the oily/dry areas.

The first product, as well as brand, that I wanted to dip into after hearing a little bit about it from my friend Laura-Jade and some YouTubers was Elizabeth Arden. I've never used anything from their skincare range before, so I definitely was dipping my toe into the deep end of the water. However, when FeelUnique offer a toner and cleanser for £20 when originally priced at £36, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I went for the visible difference range which targets dry skin, as even though my skin can become very oily, when I apply makeup I can see where the dry patches are due to my foundation and concealer sitting on top of it. My dry skin can be combated without the need for skincare products, but when you have to deal with redness and scarring on top of dry skin it can become a long process in order to get the perfect base. 

The Cleanser
First up within the visible different duo is the cleanser. As previously mentioned, this cleanser is targeted towards dry skin, however, it doesn't contain exfoliating beads within it but contains ingredients that are going to help hydrate the skin instead. The consistency of the product is a white thin to medium thickness, which also contains what looks like shredding of pumpkin or orange. The smell of the cleanser isn't overpowering or sweet or chemically but more of your typical skincare smell. The product itself when applied to the skin is quite a tacky to thick consistency when distributing across the face, but once a little water is applied to the dry product (you apply the cleanser to a dry face for reference) the consistency does thin out an makes it more easier to work with when rubbing it into the skin. Once the cleanser has been removed (I like to use a damp muslin cloth) I find that the little shards of product within the cleanser itself actually make it look as though you've extracted all the dirt within your pores and skin, however, this isn't the case unfortunately. It does however, leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated and I do notice it makes my makeup application look a lot more skin like compared to if I was to use my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish.
The Toner
Next up within the duo range is the visible difference toner. Compared to other toners I have used before I definitely have to say this one has been amazing and actually lived up to what it says in terms of hydration and not irritating the skin, even though it is targeted at removing those dead skin cells which have formed throughout the night/day. The smell to this toner is pretty much the same scent as the cleanser, not overpowering or too sweet/chemically, but more so your typical skincare product scent. The formulation and product itself isn't too wet or drying, and I find I will only need to pour it twice onto a cotton pad before wiping it over my entire face evenly and then letting it dry. The end result gives me a refreshed feel to my skin with no irritation, stinging or redness to the complexion.

I also found it works amazing at reducing any redness once I've used my First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads in my morning routine. Also, throughout my Acnecide trial I noticed when applying the toner to the skin that even though my skin was very sore and red, the formulation didn't irritate or cause any serious harm but instead cooled down my skin and helped bring the natural smoothness to my skin back gradually.

Overall, I am very pleased with this duo by Elizabeth Arden and I definitely have been looking into more of their visible difference skincare range, especially their daily exfoliant for the mornings.

If you would like to get your hands on this duo for £20, then visit the FeelUnique website here.

What are your thoughts on the invisible difference range? Any products you would recommend trying out from this brand or range?