Redness in my complexion is something that I suffer with very badly due to having acne.
My acne has now mostly gone, however, even if a spot appears it will always guarantee that a red mark will be left behind. In a nutshell, it can become quite annoying especially when I think my skin is back on the road to recovery.
However, after discovering My Pale Skin on YouTube, and not by any means am I being disrespectful or harsh as I understand what she is going through, I started comparing my skin to hers and seeing how we both had similar problems.
One of her favourite products to use is the Camouflage Quintet in DQ1 (there is more shades to the range), which is a high coverage concealer used to cover redness and acne scarring or any general imperfections.
After seeing Em put this product to use numerous times and seeing the affect it has on her skin and what it could possibly do to mine, it is definitely high on my wishlist of items to buy!

What are you lusting after this week?