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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Lust Of The Week: Radley Floral Street Small Flap Over Cross Body Bag

Radley is a brand I had never heard of before until my friend Laura-Jade started visiting their website almost everyday during our college lessons. I will admit, it isn't the sort of brand I would normally go for as their theme is cutesy and features a dog on almost all their products. This is a nice personal touch but personally for me it isn't something I'd particularly like as I am more for the minimal items. However, after seeing this bag be featured within a recent giveaway over on their Twitter but in the yellow shade, I noticed it was small, minimal and something I could do with everyday. I was originally going to go for the yellow shade, but after seeing the grey shade and having a recent love affair with the colour I feel I'd probably get more use out of it. It also has great storage space for such a small bag! Other colours include; Turquoise, Pink, Coral, Yellow and Midnight Blue.

What are you lusting after this week?



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