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Monday, 11 April 2016

Prom Season Is Approaching! But, What To Wear? (Women's Edition)

Prom season is finally approaching and it only feels like yesterday that I was going to my own prom. Sadly, that was over 4 years ago (that is a long time thinking about it now!) but I still remember the months and weeks leading up to it and how every waking minute was focused on thinking about the outfit, hair, accessories etc. It is a daunting process, especially when you have no clue what you're going for, however, I am going to be putting together a few ways in which you can gather inspiration online and offline.

First, and foremost I feel that magazines are going to be your best bet when gathering inspiration. Magazines get updated monthly featuring the latest on trend outfits, makeup looks, accessories and more, so you're never going to be cut short for new inspiration, especially if you're into staying up to date with what is hot and what is not at the moment. Also, magazines are more likely to feature the current colour schemes, styles and cuts for the season before celebrities even get to wear them, so it is a more likely hit that you're going to get a basic idea of what you want in terms of how you're going to look then a month on from that when you see celebrities style the trends.
Another benefit of magazines is also that you can create mood boards from them, which I will go onto talking about.

Previous Proms
Now, this may seem a bit of a 'I don't want to look like her from last year' moments, but in actual fact taking inspiration from the previous year to you and what they wore in terms of jewellery, hair and outfit, you can actually spruce that up and make it your own for the current year. For example, for my prom (which was in 2012 - but we'll roll with it) I wore a champagne coloured dress that was ruffled a tad from the chest to knee area and then swept over a long piece of silk material with a few diamonte's on the chest area. If you wanted to spruce that up to fit in with the 2016 trends, then you can take the fact that firstly, my dress colour stood out from everybody else's (we are talking a mixture of red's, green's, purple's etc.). So analyse what the most common dress colours are and go for a colour which is less likely to pop up. Now the style, obviously mine had a lot going on in terms of ruffles and diamonds. However, to turn this into an on trend dress, perhaps go for a body hugging slim fit dress that skims over your hips and then falls past your knees into a waterfall style. For the top half of your dress, why not go for something that covers your chest area but has an open back? It is all about analysing what individuals are more swaying towards and seeing how you can take a step up from this, so that when you walk in everybody is like 'Oh, wow!'. You can do it!

Next, are blogs. Blogs are slowly becoming the new way of reading a magazine, as there online and practically easy to access anywhere you want without having to spend £££. They come with new content everyday and most blogs have similar taste but feature different items and brands, so there is something for everyone out there. Two of my favourite blogs surrounding prom at the moment are Golden Asp & The Unique Prom Blog. They both feature helpful tips and past experiences surrounding prom, plus, they also feature the go-to shops in which you can purchase prom dresses. I find this to be very helpful, especially for anyone who is in a bit of a rut, as they make sure you're going to be at your best and clued up about prom to make your experience that whole lot more enjoyable.

Favourite Celebrities
Kim Kardashian, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce... the list goes on in terms of the 'it' celebrity and who has the best fashion sense at the moment. The fashion and beauty world revolves around celebrities and if a certain style is in, then it is guaranteed that dupes of their outfits will be in the shops next week or their makeup looks will be making their rounds on YouTube. However, celebrities do have their advantages as they allow individuals to understand who they are and what tastes they have in clothes. Therefore, if you're still in a bit of a rut with what to wear, turn to your favourite celebrities and see what they've been wearing on the catwalk over the past couple of months/weeks and turn one of their outfits into your own.

Pinterest & Mood Boards
One of the easiest and most useful sources for inspiration on the internet is Pinterest. Pinterest is an online mood board which allows you to create numerous boards about any subject you like, whether it be fashion, quotes, food, nails etc. and what makes it so easy is that you can either upload your own photos from your laptop or mobile device, or with one click of a button you can add a pre-existing pin to one of your current boards, which won't disappear until the day comes that you delete it. Therefore, you can have all the photos and inspiration you like in one place, ready to look back on when the time comes around to choose your final looks and get ready for prom!

Another way you can create a mood board which doesn't require you to log online everytime to see everything is by printing out photos or cutting out sections of magazines and by taking some drawing pins, pin them to a wooden board or to your wardrobe door or wherever you find easiest to glance at. By doing this, it means you have everything in one place so if you find something new to add it, such as a certain fabric, you don't have to go through the process of scanning it in and adding it to your current board on Pinterest.

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Online Fashion/Beauty News
Tying in with the whole celebrity looks, there are numerous online resources which showcase celebrities and famous people in the mist of all the reward shows. You have websites such as Teen Vogue, E! News and, to name a few, which allow you to compare and contrast different celebrity looks in order to help you find the most suitable outfit that is on trend for the current prom season.

Lastly, but my no means least is YouTube. YouTube is the go-to platform for pretty much anything in terms of fashion and makeup looks. If you want a smokey eye tutorial for prom, then it is likely you are going to get about 50+ results. If you want prom dress ideas, then it is likely you are going to find another 50+ video results. Unlike blogging, searching for YouTube videos is a lot easier as you have a search bar, whereas with blogging you need to use a Google search. YouTube also hosts a lot more information in terms of the fit, the go-through process, the finish as well as any extra information you may need, so you are getting a better final result than if you were to read a blog post.
So, if you're in the final stages of gathering as much inspiration as possible then I would recommend checking out YouTube for ideas, fits as well as any other relevant information you may need. Below I have listed a few favourites of mine which have done some prom styled videos.

Top YouTuber Picks
- Carli Bybel (Makeup)
- My Pale Skin (Makeup)
- Alexandrea Garza (Makeup)
- The Haute Mess (Makeup & Outfits)
- LLimWalker (Outfits)


My Chosen Prom Outfit
To end this post, I thought I would put together an outfit that I would wear if I was going to my own prom this year.
My outfit of choice is this beautiful silk grey dress from Missguided. It has spaghetti straps which will keep you cool throughout the night, especially if you enjoy dancing. Also, as it is a long structured dress, it means it will skim over any curves very nicely before finishing in a waterfall effect. Next, I have also gone for these ASOS Silver Heels, as even though the dress is very minimal and neutral, I feel adding a touch of silver will still be keeping with the neutral theme, but once the light catches a hint of the silver throughout the night it will definitely add a little something to the overall look. For accessories, I've kept it very minimal as well, by only adding a bag. Bag of choice is this small clutch from Michael Kors which I think fits with the dress colour very nicely and could also work all year round for date night. And, to finish this look I have gone with a minimal makeup look as seen on the picture above with a nice messy updo, to show off the detail of the dress. However, if you want you could add a few hair diamonds or flowers to add a little more 'wow' to the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas as to what resources are available out there to help you choose your outfit. If you are going to prom this year, I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends and that it brings your school years to an amazing end!

What are some resources you like to use to take inspiration from?


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