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Monday, 4 April 2016

The Products That Do What They Say

Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Haircare etc. are surrounded by masses of advertisement to show you and try and persuade you to buy that brands products because for obvious reasons it is going to do X,Y & Z to your skin, hair or routine altogether. However, on the market there really is only going to be a small handful of items which are actually going to do what they say on the tin or tube, which makes it all the more fun for individuals to actually go out and find them. But also, because it means more money for companies as they are grabbing individuals attentions to buy their product.

So my question is, what are actually some products that work and are worth the money?
Well, if you continue reading you'll find I have 9 products to share with you from all departments besides haircare which hopefully are going to make your routines just that bit more easy going, yet fun.
First up, is the Purederm Deep Cleansing Nose Strips. I suffer badly a lot with my skin due to having suffered with acne since the age of 10 (full story coming soon). Therefore, the redness and bumps/cysts have slowly diminished after so long, but I am still left with blackheads and spots. Blackheads aren't a major factor to my skin now compared to before, but I do like to make sure they are tidied up here and there. The likes of cheap products on the high street aren't something I am willing able to go for, but after seeing these for £1.99/£2.99, I thought I would give them a go. Especially as they aren't a brand I've heard of before.
They come in their typical strip with product on one side and a dry side on the other. You wet your nose and apply the strip, wait 15-20 minutes then remove it. The strip isn't harmful to the skin, removes as easily as a normal nose strip would and with it takes a lot of blackheads. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how many blackheads it managed to pick up especially for the price they are. However, I would say that making sure your nose is thoroughly wet and the strip is firmly pressed against the skin is key. Other than that, you should witness some amazing results!

   Next up is a firm favourite amongst bloggers and it is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I've used this since the Christmas of 2012 or before and if you suffer with sensitive skin or skin which is prone to acne or if you have acne already, then this cleanser is your new best friend. It has all natural ingredients which means there will be no irritation or horrible sensations on the skin. Also, because it acts as a 2-in-1, with it being a makeup remover on top you are getting your moneys worth. You apply it to dry skin, massage in, take it off with a muslin cloth and you are good to go.

Foundation on the otherhand is a product I have a very hard time to get along with. It needs to be able to cover redness, last all day, not cling to dry patches and above all not irritate my skin. That is where Nars Sheer Glow in Gobi (this shade is currently a bit dark for my skintone, so next time round I will be picking up Siberia) comes into action, as I feel it is the foundation that does everything I need it too. It has good coverage so I feel most of my redness and overall base are evened out and hidden. Any dry patches I do have it doesn't cling to them massively. Adding a setting spray on top helps keep this as well as my concealer (Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly) in place all day. And most of all, there is no irritation towards my skin when applying and removing it as it just feels like the top layer of my skin but more evened out.

Back to spots and skincare, we have the Origins Super Spot Remover. I call this my little bottle of gold as literally, for 10ml of product for £15 you do get results that you are paying for. It doesn't work overnight, so I would now get rid of those thoughts now. However, in 2 days time from applying this at night I do notice my blemishes slowly start to reduce and the redness being left behind them is slowly starting to reduce with the spot.

Again, I am in love with a flawless base. But then again, application tools are another business which I find can either do a really good job or a really bad job. In this case, the beauty blender is a dream and blends foundation and concealer like a dream. You can use it either dry or damp but I personally find using it dry works better for me. In small stippling motions around the face, I notice my foundation sinks into my skin so effortlessly that once everything is finished being blended, I don't need to go in with any other makeup tool as it creates the most amazingly flawless base.
Next, is the finishing product to my makeup routine and it is the Urban Decay Setting Spray. I never believed in setting sprays when they first came onto the market, as really is a wet spray going to really complete your makeup or is it going to make you look like you've gone for a long walk in the rain? In this case, it actually does make your makeup stay in place as there definitely is no rainy walks around these parts. It's a fine mist which applies to the skin evenly without making one section of your face overly wet. Once dried, your skin doesn't feel tight or sticky but more like you've just applied a layer of moisturiser over the top. As for the finishing result? My makeup can last from 7am to around 10pm at night without any serious fading. There may be a small foundation indent from laughing etc. but besides from that I do find my makeup stays where I put it the first thing in the morning.

Keeping with the whole beauty routine, another favourite I have found and one which also managed to make its way into this post is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I received this at Christmas from my boyfriend (he must have been catching up on all the latest beauty reviews) after numerously going out and tempting to purchase it myself. The brush has a slight curve in it, with one side having long bristles and the other having short bristles. The wand is also plastic, but when applied to the lashes, creates amazing volume and length that you'd probably be able to achieve with an eyelash curler and a normal mascara together. It doesn't clump if you're into layering on your mascara and also if you have short, straight lashes investing into this mascara may actually work wonders at giving you that lift you want.

Also, to keep with the whole skincare/beauty routine we have an all time favourite lipbalm by Carmex. The whole selling front of these lip balms I feel is the taste - cherry flavour. So after much putting off and putting off I finally caved and bought myself one. I bought the tube version mostly because I feel it is more hygienic and also because no product will be wasted especially if you like to have long finger nails. It is a gel consistency that once applied to the lips I begin to feel a cooling sensation much like if you were to apply something minty, however, what I exceptionally like about this lipbalm is that even though the sensation may feel weird, once I have awoken or after a couple of hours my lips almost feel renewed and so smooth that I feel the cooling sensation within this product may work towards rehealing the lip area. If ayone knows anymore about this, do let me know!

Lastly, the product I feel most of you would probably want to hear little about is a deodorant. Dove Original is my all time, most used deodorant. I have tried others from sprays to flavours to roll-ons and in the end I always come back to this. It claims to last 48 hours and I am going to hold my hand up and admit that the stupidly advertised words on this bottle actually are true! I can spray this at 7am in the morning and come 7am the next morning and the morning after that (without showering) I still feel fresh as a daisy and no odours are slowly starting to steep through. I can do P.E, walking, errands etc. and I still find this deodorant will last me all day. Obviously, due to how someone's body may work in conjunction with certain products, I do find in comparison with deodorants my friends use this does last a whole lot longer than their's. So, if you're on the market for a new deodorant and want one which doesn't require you to top up throughout the day, then give Dove a go! Their products aren't irritating to the skin and if you like more flavoured scents then they do a whole range of flavours.

What are some products you use which you find actually work?


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