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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Will Blogging & YouTube Go Back To Its Old Ways?

Ever since 2011 I have been watching YouTube videos and reading blogs like it was a daily ritual too. I've seen both of these wondrous platforms evolve into something that was once 360p web cam quality to now a more professional 1080p quality. I've seen YouTubers and Blogs come and go, with some if not most not ever seeing the publish button again whilst others bring back a more entertaining and a whole new lease of life to their channels. I've seen the likes of Zoella go from filming in her bedroom to now owning her own house, having her own pets and more so having more camera angles to her videos then there once was. But the burning question is, and I've seen most bloggers if not YouTubers as well, ask... Will Blogging and YouTube ever go back to its old ways?

I'd love to know if you feel like it should or if you feel that the quality and extent they are at now is something which appeals to you more than a 360p web cam quality outfit of the day. The days where you could film a 3 minute video and upload within the next half an hour are long gone, but why am I still finding myself longing for these types of videos more? Yes, quality is more important over quantity, but I do feel that the personal touch within the old videos has definitely slowly disappeared as the years have gone on. It's more about the script, the background, being able to read the writing on the product, making sure every little item is linked in the description box... all of these little details is all everyone worries about. Lipstick on your teeth? Someone will complain. Piece of hair out of place? Someone will mention it, followed by 50 more likes. Your candle has gone out in the background near the Ikea plant? Someone will complain the background isn't put together properly. All of these aspects are what people take note of in 2016. 70% of people don't take note of the time and effort put into videos anymore, it's all the little details rather than the actual work a YouTuber or Blogger has put into something in order to bring you some entertainment.

In 2009 to 2012, videos had the personal touch of how a typical young girl or boy would hold the camera and the difficulty it would be in order to get the right angle to show your outfit or the right lighting to show the true colour of a product. The days have long gone where you would put your hand behind a product to disguise it from the rest of the content within the video. The days of showing bloopers within videos and the tongue twists have soon been edited out with filters and animations to create an overall movie effect. I understand that within 2016, technology is advancing therefore the quality of every technological platform needs to improve with it but has every YouTuber and Blogger forgotten the personal touch to their content? Personal style, favourites etc. are obviously some aspects which will be personal to an individual within this community, but when every YouTuber has the same Ikea plant and background layout and the latest lip colour it all becomes a bit repetitive.
I would love to see more brands working alongside YouTubers and Bloggers whose taste match with their product or clothing line, instead of having it where they reach out to every successful individual out there. Does Zoella really need the new Alice In Wonderland palette? From watching her since the beginning, I can tell Zoe is more into neutrals with a small hint of going bold so it is unlikely that product is going to be featured. Whereas Leanne Woodfull is more of a gothic bold coloured person, so why not send your product over to her mailbox as you will have a higher chance of getting your product out there and featured.
These little details are noticeable and its what I feel is making more individuals want to start blogging and YouTube, especially when they see the attention they will be receiving if they start to bring in a following. Figures, popularity and greed is what I see the blogging and YouTube community turning into. Long have the days gone where people are in it for a hobby as I can only see about a handful of people actually doing it to take it further into a possible career or to keep it on the sideline to help people or show their enthusiasm for a beauty product or cooker. How many times are we going to see that paid for eyeshadow palette which was featured in your April favourites after that video? 9 times out of 10, we probably won't see it. This is what the community is turning into and probably will stay as. It's saddening and heartbreaking to see a once respectful and loved community and hobby, turn into something every individual see's as a free way into receiving free products sat upon their wishlist.

To end this post I thought I would end it on a question. My question to you is, do you ever see the blogging and YouTube community returning to the once freestyle video type that no one questions whether something is out of place or if your makeup has a little smudge in the corner of your eye. I hope some of you, if not most of you, can understand where I am coming from when I write this post as I don't want this community to ever end. It has brought so much entertainment to my boring life as well as confidence to put myself out there a little bit everyday. It has helped improve my writing skills, showed me how to photograph better and most of all given me a place to do something I love and that is to write. Write my thoughts, feelings, opinions and then be able to share them with like-minded people. I don't want it to turn into a place where its competition to have the most entertaining content, the best locations and most of all the equipment to be able to do something you love. When you start out on either of these platforms you do it to pass time, like you would if you were to play a game because you love it and enjoy it. But in 2016, to be able to start out you need to follow the latest blogposts of how to photograph, how to write, how to create blogposts, how to have a good Instagram theme. It's a constant cycle of making sure your content is up to scratch and if you don't have the latest DSLR camera, well people aren't going to be interested are they? This is how I feel or did feel. I'm now at a stage where I am enjoying posting my content as I can now use Photoshop to ensure my photos are to a good enough quality and bright enough for my viewers to enjoy. Once over I would end up posting for three months then deleting everything and restarting because my photo quality was low and the tone to my photos was dark. My writing wasn't to a standard of Zoella or Sammi (thebeautycrush) or Victoria (InTheFrow), so my thoughts were to delete everything, never try blogging and just let the professionals be the professionals at what they do. Two years later and now 20 years old I realised that in order for me to do what I love and start something from my passion that I have for not only writing but fashion and beauty, I needed to take the leap and go forth with my blog. I began to understand that it would be a learning process and a lengthy journey to be able to get the quality that every other blogger and YouTuber has and I am willing to take the time to produce something amazing for my readers and possibly viewers in the future. But the quality and pressure that newbee bloggers and YouTubers need to meet and are put under in order to get people to read their blogs is becoming a constant state of competition rather than support, as well as comparison, which to me personally is only pushing young girls and possibly boys, into the mindset that the work they do isn't good enough. This can be cruel and hurtful and I do hope one day that the blogging community takes another turn and heads down the right path again.

How do you see the blogging and YouTube community? Do you see an ever growing need to compare your content and work to more successful individuals? How do you feel this will affect the future? Do you miss the old ways of videoing and blogging? What would you change if so?


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