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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Introducing The Libbie Box: September 2016 Edition

About a month ago I was contacted by The Libbie Club to see if I wanted to sign up to their monthly beauty box which was developed by Latest In Beauty. Beauty boxes have made their way through the blogging community a lot over the years with Glossybox and Birchbox being some of the most popular amongst many. However, beauty boxes have also become somewhat of a controversial subject, especially as bloggers are essentially sometimes receiving their boxes for free which readers take this as though bloggers are being paid for their post, therefore not giving their 100% honest opinion. But I personally love the concept of beauty boxes and that is why I decided to become part of The Libbie Club.

The Libbie Club is a £35 start-up subscription box for bloggers who enjoy beauty items from haircare to skincare to makeup and who genuinely don't have much money to try out a lot of different products, which I think is a great idea especially for newbie bloggers. The Libbie Box is pretty much the same as any other beauty box such as Birchbox or Glossybox, however, instead of paying £10 plus P+P monthly, you pay £35 up front and receive 3 full size products and no further payments need to be made. All you have to do to get the following months box is persuade friends and family to make a purchase from your links provided and this will guarantee your next month box. It's also great for friends and family as when you're part of The Libbie Club you get exclusive discounts on full size products, ensuring that not just you, but the ones closest to you save money (that includes my readers too!).

Also with The Libbie Club box, as a member each month you have the chance of winning some full size products through the points you collect from purchases made through your links. Not only is this exciting but it also gives you the reviewer the chance of being rewarded for writing about something you essentially love, which for me is anything skincare, haircare or makeup related.

The box was scheduled to be released on September 1st, where 5 days or so after the box would arrive on my doorstep. On arrival the box came in a regular brown box with all my details listed on the front, with the black box and its contents inside. On opening the packaging I was introduced to a black box with The Libbie Club logo on. I did find the packaging of this beauty box to be a bit plain and as though a sticker of The Libbie Club logo had just been placed on top. So, I would have liked a little more detail added to the box, perhaps the logo itself placed in the middle of the box in bold letters without a white background?

The contents itself was placed beautifully. The box with the products inside was packed nicely with black confetti-straw-like material which most beauty boxes are packed with to match the packaging of the box, however, I would have liked the products to come in more of a beauty bag as this way you aren't wasting materials, and it also means less mess. On top of the products you also get a little note card about the products, which again is nice as it means I don't have to go and search the web for details about what they contain, but it would have been nice to include how to use them, which you can find on The Libbie website instead.

In this months beauty box I received some products from Evolve Beauty, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare and Paul Yacomine. I had never heard of any of these brands before receiving these products, so it was a real surprise to be able to try 3 brand new products from some new brands.

Inside the box:

Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic Serum 200* | Evolve Beauty is a brand I have never heard of before until receiving my Libbie Box this month! I have to admit that on seeing what products were being offered in September's box, I was most excited about receiving the serum over the rest of the items in my box as I have been on the lookout for a serum for a while now and oh look - here we are! On opening my box I was presented with a cardboard box which the serum itself was in. I really liked the outer packaging to this product as it made the product itself feel as though everything was naturally sourced in it even though it does contain hyaluronic acid. The packaging that the serum is actually contained in is a glass bottle with a large pump. I find more products should have a large pump rather than a small one as you're getting more product per drop, whereas with a smaller pump you're pumping out more product that you may not essentially need. The consistency of the product I find to be quite thick, but not thick enough that it makes it hard to distribute the product evenly across your face. The scent isn't overpowering either, but if you don't like floral scents then this may not be for you. How the product actually performs, I can't say is anything magical right now. I found it to be quite gentle on the skin in terms of there was no redness or irritation, however, I don't feel like it done much for my fine lines as it stated it does on the bottle. In terms of how much hydration it gave to my skin - I feel it gave my skin a bit of a boost as my makeup did sit more nicely on top my skin but I do feel as though with more uses this product may give off better results! 

Full Size: £28.00 | 20% Off Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic Serum 200

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel* | Dr Dennis Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel Pads are an at-home, feel-safe way of having an acid peel using a 2-step routine that takes about 5 minutes in total. Step 1 starts with exfoliating and smoothing the skin, whilst step 2 focuses on anti-aging. The product itself comes in a pack of 5 for around £15, which means you have 5 treatments in total. Therefore, you can use this as an every other day product (which is recommended for people starting with this product) or every day at AM or PM as a daily exfoliation. I've used this both AM and PM and can say the results aren't at all dramatic in terms of redness, so you won't have to worry about using this product more so at night. Within each box of 5, you have both the first step and second step together, which is handy if you want to transport this product within your travel bag as it won't be a mass of searching through all your products in one bag to find each step. On opening the little satchet's, there is a little rip at the edge of each satchet which is handy especially if you don't have any scissors nearby. The product itself is saturated on a square, smooth cloth (as with step 2). Step 1 is quite strong in terms of scent and reminds me of the smell if you were to walk into a nail salon or any facial spa for that matter. When applied to the skin (at the time I had quite some big acne bumps on my skin) it can sting a little especially if you have any active breakouts, which it isn't unbearable that you need to wash your face immediately, and I have quite sensitive skin at that. Once you've applied the product all over your face and the cloth is no longer moist, you then wait 2 minutes for the product to dry and then repeat with step 2. Step 2's scent was definitely a little milder compared to step 1, however, I did find the smell of step 2 a little unbearable after a while, as it did smell quite alcoholey and fish-like. In terms of how step 1 performed and step 2, I can say that step 1 felt comfortable enough when applied to the skin and was definitely a little less harsh than my First Aid Beauty pads which are bumpy in texture. The stinging sensation didn't last long and the product didn't leave my skin majorly red. Step 2, with its anti-aging properties helped in ensuring all the goodness was soaked into the skin and worked as a deep treatment. This also didn't leave my skin majorly red. To finish, I then continued with my toner, serum, moisturiser and spot treatment and found there to be no reaction to my skin at all, but instead I was left with really smooth skin and the redness I currently had, had dimished a lot throughout the night. I also noticed it helped my makeup sit on top of my spots a lot nicer, as it didn't sit in the broken skin around my breakouts. 

£15 For 5 Treatments

Paul Yacomine Micro Duo* | Paul Yacomine, much like the rest of the items in the box is another brand I never heard of until I received these two items in my box. Paul Yacomine to me on hearing it sounded like a well-known professional haircare brand, and on further research found that the company has worked with the likes of Kate Moss, which meant that I was REALLY looking forward to trying these products, as my usual hair treatment products are normally from the drugstore, so being able to try products that aren't available at my local drugstore was rather exciting! Both products inside this box come in a 25ml bottle, both priced at £12 each. However, if you purchase these products through My Libbie Page, then you can get £7.50 off both these products - amazing right?! 

The packaging to both these products is what interested me the most whilst at the same time got a little bit fiddly. The first treatment out of the two requires you to remove the little red cap on the end of the nossle and for you to then pump down 1-2 drops onto the palm of your hand. I thought I would mention that you need to press down on the nossle, as when I first came to use it after removing the little red cap, I was a bit confused as to how to get the product out. I tried twisting and pushing the other end of the nossle and alas nothing came out. It wasn't until my boyfriend had a little play with it and noticed I needed to pump it down - may be a common confusion or am I just plain dumb? haha. On dispencing the product, I noticed you do need to be careful on how much you press down on the pump. Just a little gave me the right amount of product per drop. But pushing down fully on the pump, made more product come out per drop - so test and try it out for yourself beforehand to see how much you may need for your hair type! The consistency to the product was quite watery, much like any other hair treatment as well as thin, and smelt quite strongly of what I noticed to be citrus with a mix of your typical man product smell - bareable but something I probably would change. On applying it to my hair I noticed that it spread evenly throughout the mid-lengths and much to my surprise didn't leave an oily or tacky residue on my hands after applying, which I find I get with most hair products. Therefore, I didn't have to go and wash my hands before drying my hair so that none of the product transferred onto my hairdryer. Once my hair was dried, I noticed that my hair felt incredibly smoother than normal and the frizz I normally have on my top layer of my hair had reduced quite a lot, making it a lot easier when it came to straightening. 9/10

The second product to this duo is the treatment you apply once you have dried your hair. This was quite strange for me especially as with any hair treatment in the drugstore, you get a product to apply before blowdrying and that is it. However, with this duo, you get both the before and after blowdrying products, which help ensure maximum protection against heat styling, which I found to be really good and more brands need to do this! Unlike the first step to this duo, the packaging to the second one was much simpler. Simply remove the red cap, pour two drops into the palm of your hands and distribute it throughout the hair. Now, I would have liked maybe a little nossle on the end of this product in order for the dropping process to be more sufficient, as I found when pouring the product into the palm of my hand it wasn't at a controlled rate, meaning I could have used more than I would have liked too. The consistency was much like step one in that it was colourless, thin, strong in scent and watery, but I did find that it helped tame any frizz I had amazingly well and 6-7 hours after blowdrying, my hair still felt silky smooth to touch! 

Full Size: £24.00 | 31% Off Paul Yacomine Micro Duo

Total Value Of The Box: £67.00

Overall, I was quite impressed with this month's box especially the concept. For £35 to sign up I think you're getting an amazing deal especially if you're a newbie blogger and want to get out there and try some new products. The range of products within each box is amazing and unlike other beauty boxes, this box offers you full size products rather than travel size ones and plus, if you manage to get a friend to buy one of the products within your box you get your next month box free! The Libbie community is also very nice and everyone shares their most honest opinions, so if you're looking into the products mentioned then you have all the reviews in one place - easy to find and doesn't waste any time!

What are your thoughts on The Libbie Club? Do you like the concept of beauty boxes?


All opinions featured within this post are 100% my own and have not been altered by the company.



  1. Great post, thanks for all the detail! I signed up for this a few months ago and initially thought it was great, but found it near on impossible to get someone else to make a purchase. I didn't like any of the products so much that I would want to buy another one either... I got in contact with some other bugger bloggers about it and they said they found the same. Good luck! I hope you get your next box!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I agree with you, I found the overall idea pretty good, but as you said it is near enough impossible to get someone to make a purchase off your page! I really liked the products they had to offer, however, it would be nice if they did issue another box to bloggers who do like beauty boxes and would write reviews on the products. I unfortunately haven't received my next book due to not being able to make a purchase which is a bit saddening, but hopefully other beauty boxes like this one will become available!



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