As the Christmas month is only 2 months away, I have started compiling my list for Santa of little bits and pieces I hope will find themselves under my Christmas tree come the 25th. Christmas for me is always the time to ask for both new and old scents, to help bring in the new year as a new 'person' as most people like to say come January 1st. This year after discovering The Library Of Fragrance, my list of scents has definitely doubled but for the best, as each of these scents are £15 unlike your average well-known scent being priced between the £30-£80 price mark. I love the little glass bottle and metal-esque lid and all the scents within this range are definitely a treat and ones I feel you could give to a loved one as a present or one you could simply treat yourself too come payday. Also, with each unique scent in this range you can definitely cater it to each individual, so you won't find yourself at a loss to what you can get the people close to you for Christmas. 

Top of my list so far has to be Clean Sheets, Gingerbread and Gin & Tonic. Definitely a mixture of heavy and light scents, but ones I feel you can cater all year round, both day and night. 

Have you tried a fragrance from The Library Of Fragrance? Which one is your favourite?