Imperial Leathers - a bath time staple and go-to brand. I can remember since a young age, that my bath time's always consisted of these products. I was never lucky enough to get those kids bath time products, but these still done the trick nevertheless. A mass of bubbles and a scent which lingered for a couple of hours - that's how I remember my childhood bath time's and maybe a mass of screaming included. I surely can't be the only one who hated getting their hair washed? Now? I seem to wash it everyday. How the tides have changed. But since using my everyday products from their permanent range, I started noticing in the aisles of my local supermarket that more adventurous products had started to come out. I firstly noticed the marshmallow bath cream. Situated next to the permanent range I was instantly drawn to it. I love sweet smells, not much marshmallows, but anything sweet that lingers is definitely a favourite. After that, I started to notice more of their sweet smelling range come out which led to me having to pick up the banana, fruit chew and mango and papaya shower creams.

On first close ups, their packaging seems to be the same as most of their other products, a squeeze bottle with a flip up cap. They've also introduced little drawings on the front to illustrate the smell, which I think if you have a child who loves bath time these could work quite well. The scent of each product matches with what it is labelled as on the bottle, which is something I was a bit sceptical about at first, as with many exciting products as these they don't always tend to deliver. The scent also delivers in terms of it sits on the skin quite well once you've gotten out the bath, but does slowly diminish throughout the hours. The consistency to these new products is a little disappointing however. Unlike their foam range, which lathers SO much you barely need to use any product, I do find myself squeezing more than I need. It's light and runny, which I feel they have created in order to keep the scent, as well as match with their packaging of choice. However, if their foam range can produce amazing scents on both skin and in the air, then I feel they should have created these products within their foam range. 

In terms of how they've produced overall, I do really like the idea behind their new releases. The scents are amazing, however, I would like the consistency to be a little bit thicker, that way you aren't wasting any product and are getting your money's worth at the same time. Would I recommend going out and buying these products? I would if you have a child who likes bath time and enjoys sweet smells, but for everyday use, I feel going for their more permanent range is the better option.

Have you tried any products from their new sweet range? What are your thoughts?