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Monday, 30 January 2017

The Best Of The Purple Themed Products

The theme is purple! The other day whilst rummaging through my endless amount of bath products (I have enough that I could make my own little shop - yes it is that bad, whoops!) I started noticing a running theme - purple! Most of the products I had collected had a running theme of purple, whether it was the packaging or the actual product itself. I don't know why this is and I can confirm that purple isn't one of my favourite colours to date, either. This then gave me an idea to focus a post around all of my purple products, because at the end of the day I have these products for a reason, because I love them, of course. I could have thrown them into a generic favourites post, but I thought why not shake it up a bit. 

So here is my kind of revamped January Favourites - do let me know down below if this is something you enjoy to see because I'm sure I have more running colour themes within my endless collection of beauty products or even fashion favourites. 
First up within my selection of purple products is the Laura Mercier translucent loose powder. That is a mouthful to say. This is relatively new within my makeup collection as I received it at Christmas after eyeing it up for quite a while, and after noticing my makeup becoming crap within a couple of hours I knew I had to invest in some sort of powder. So my option of choice was the Laura Mercier powder. I've seen a few YouTubers using this and noticed how amazing it looked and how well it lasted. I'm not a big fan of pressed powders as I feel with the compact-ness of them it doesn't work well in conjunction with my skin. But after testing and experimenting with this beauty (I use my beauty blender for reference) I can confirm this is a firm favourite!

Next up, is the Morrisons own Bath Soak in Lavender and Camomile Extracts. I have never been a fan of the scent of lavender and whilst some people found it relaxing, I found it to be a headache in itself. Don't ask me why, but I feel as a kid you don't really like anything besides really sweet smells which is probably why I was never drawn to the scent. However, within the past couple of months there has just been something about lavender that has made me want to buy more and more of it. This is where this bath soak came into. I enjoy a good bubble bath as much as the next person, whether it is boiling hot outside or freezing cold. I also really enjoy Morrison's own products, as they are cheap and pretty much resemble that of a higher end product. Combine these together and you have a subtle scented bath with cheap relaxing properties. Also, combine this with the following product by Imperial Leathers; the love story pampering bath cream in pearl rose and forget-me-not and you have the ultimate pamper night, as not only are they both relaxing scents but the love story bath soak also turns your water purple, win-win.
You can probably already guess at this point now besides having a love for purple it seems - I also have a love for Imperial Leathers. I've raved about them before in numerous posts but they are just the perfect brand at getting the mixture between relaxation and indulgent just right. But you are also probably wondering why I have featured two of the same products, right? Well.. they are both the same in terms of colour and packaging, but this time we have a body wash. This is the Imperial Leather Funfair Nostalgia Revitalising Body Wash in pink peony and raspberry. This one also smells as divine as the bath soak, but what I like to do mostly with this body wash is combine it with the love story bath soak. As previously mentioned about them basically being twins, they both act as counterparts to each other. They mix well in terms of scents and leave a really nice indulgent scent on the skin. They create amazing bubbles together and as also previously mentioned make your bath water turn into a beautiful deep purple colour.
Lastly, and coming away from the bath products and jumping into the haircare department, we have the Aussie Repair Miracle shampoo & conditioner. Aussie are well-known for their 3 minute masks (which might I add work amazingly) but this time I wanted to give their shampoos and conditioners a try. I picked up the shampoo and conditioner from the repair line as I feel with constantly straightening my hair I always want my other hair products to work in healing my hair in some sort. Some extra steps at ensuring my hair stays healthy if you will. They smell of watermelon, which I personally do not like. They are of a somewhat cream to thick consistency but lather really well as much as a gel like shampoo would. Combine both of these with the 3 minute miracle treatment and you have a 3-step routine which will put you on the road to smoother and healthier hair.

What do you find you use mostly within your beauty stash? Is it more product based or colour based?



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