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Friday, 6 January 2017

The Ultimate Product Find Of 2016

                                                                                                    Happy New Year!

As the new year is upon us, it is that time again where everyone bunches together their best products of 2016 they have found and showcase you them either on their blog or YouTube channel. As I also found some amazing products throughout 2016, I feel I would just be repeating myself going through them all again as I am sure I have pretty much showcased them either in favourites or on their own as a review. So, instead of bunching everything together for you to read a post similar to all my others, I thought I would switch it up a bit and instead showcase you the product that I found stood out for me amongst all the rest.

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect hair treatments that are going to make my hair smooth, tamable and above all non-greasy. Ever since basking on the journey to make my hair more manageable for every day, I also wanted to ensure I chose the right products for my hair type which ensured that my every day styling didn't leave me with horrible hair. Back in September, this was when I was introduced to a new brand called Paul Yacomine.

Paul Yacomine is a brand that started out alongside well-known names like Nicky Clarke and John Freida. He quickly developed his own signature style of being able to create luxurious feminine looks that emphasise the optimal, natural state of your hairs health. This led him onto working alongside well-known people like Kate Moss, which then pushed him into channelling his wealth of the industry experience into a capsule collection, creating hair treatments, conditioning oils and elixirs which helps penetrate the hair from within each strand to help recapture the hair's strength and lustre.

The two products I was introduced too from the Paul Yacomine range was the Micro Finish Series in No.3, the second step within the two step routine and one which you apply to dry hair. It caters to dry frizzy hair types that need more control and protection during heat styling, which fitted me perfectly due to using hair straighteners every day on my hair in order to tame it (bad, I know, but who else hasn't done it before?). The other step within the two step routine, and the one which you apply first, is the Micro Treatment Oil, which is a traditional serum but without the build-up and with a lighter formulation on the hair strands. You apply two pumps of this into your palm to warm it up and then evenly distribute it through the mid-lengths of your hair. But what I like about this hair serum compared to most is that unlike most hair serums with this one you can either leave it on damp hair and let it dry naturally or blow dry your hair after use. Both ways give the same effect and it also maximises protection from the sun, sea and chlorine.

Now, you are probably wondering what it is about these products that have made it my ultimate product find of 2016, right? Well, besides the lightweight formula which when rubbed between my palms feels like silk and that also doesn't leave a greasy residue afterwards or once styled. It also leaves my hair feeling incredibly smooth. Its always hard trying to find products that can tame frizz whilst at the same time the brittleness of the hair after continuous use of heated styling products. So after using both these products first time and instantly noticing results - I was amazed! There is less dryness, frizz and above all the price tags are amazing too! £12 each for the small bottles or £18-£20 for the bigger ones. Who could argue with that when your hair is left feeling so smooth? I know I can't.

Have you tried any products from the Paul Yacomine range? What are your thoughts?


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