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Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Sims 4: Toddler Room Build

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You can find this build by searching 'pennyaunwin' on the gallery.

On my quest to update my content for the new year, I wanted to introduce more of the other activities I like to do besides talking about makeup and fashion all the time. One of the main activities I like to do through my spare time is play The Sims 4. The Sims to me is the type of game where you can create as many people as you like and just live your alter ego through them. You can go full gothic, to girly, to even being the smartest kid on the block. Trust me, I've done them all. However, one thing I am not good at and am currently building (ha!) on, is my building skills of houses and rooms in general.

Therefore, to kickstart my little showcase of my sims content throughout my blog, I thought I would create a little toddler bedroom. Not the hardest of builds to do, but since toddlers have just been introduced and this is my first time officially playing with them in my game, I wanted to go all out an create an adorable yet fun little bedroom for them to run about in as well as sleep.

The colour scheme I went for, for this particular toddler bedroom was quite a bright neutral tone of oranges and yellow's, but with a hint of pink. I wanted this toddler bedroom to not be your stereotypical pink bedroom, personally because I'm not a big fan of pink but also because the lifestyle I have for this toddler is going to be focused around the cutesy and bright coloured lifestyle. So, as you see, Peach (that is her name), grow up you will be noticing that she will be wearing and styling bold and out there colours, (thanks to the City Living expansion pack), but also because her lifestyle and traits are going to be focused around being clumsy and a little ditsy, even though she is the oldest of the toddlers. 

The objects and overall atmosphere that I wanted to create for this particular toddler bedroom was to focus more around building the thinking and imagination skill for toddlers, that is why I have placed a tipi with a bookshelf beside it, as well as a dollhouse in the middle to help cure boredom but also help with the creative skill that Peach will be going onto as a child to build. Most of the other objects within this build are from the base game in the toddler section, however, the dollhouse cover for the bed is custom content, as well as the tipi, white wardrobe, flower lamp, the little pink dog like doll near the bed and the flower rug.

Did you like this build? What are your thoughts on the recent Toddler update for The Sims?


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