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Saturday, 4 March 2017

What's In My HandBag?

When it comes to my bag I like to keep everything very minimal. Most of the time I will usually leave the house with my keys, phone and purse and not take a bag at all. But on days when I have college or I'm going out with friends or just generally out and about and I need more things, then I will take a bag with me. The bag I've been using recently is this one from ASOS (which unfortunately is not on the website anymore), and what I really like about this bag is the structure of it. I definitely prefer a bag that can hold its shape really well, preferred to a bag that you can mould to your tastes. I just find it less irritating in terms of falling over and it generally looks a lot more appealing.

In terms of what I take with me, in this instance for college, I don't take very much just the bare necessities. So what do I carry with me? Firstly, I have my phone (which I forgot to picture) but it's normally to hand, my car keys (again forgot to picture), my purse which was a recent 21st birthday present, a notepad and some plastic wallets as I am a business student and therefore my assignments are required to be handed in in plastic wallets, the essentials such as tissues, tampons, medicine and blotting tissues, an umbrella as if you live in the UK you can never tell when it will start to rain, my college pass and lastly my handy and trustworthy tangle teezer which I make sure I never leave the house without (yes, I am a compulsive hair brusher - I can't help it!). It doesn't seem much for a busy college day, but I find keeping everything I have down to a bare minimum helps keep me at ease and it also ensures I am able to grab anything quickly if I need it.

What do you take in your bag? Would you like to see what I take in my travel bag?


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