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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Spring Style! Planning For Spring!

With May upon us and the summer months drawing near, Spring is normally the time when you begin planning your wardrobe for the hotter months - I live in the UK and unfortunately we get about one day of hot weather a year if we are lucky! - but also when this time comes around I tend to find myself screaming at my laptop screen, trying to decide what to buy and whether or not I'm going to see myself wearing it again 6 months later.

So, as the time has come to decide what items in my wardrobe are staying for the next 3 months until September when all the winter clothes will make another appearance, I thought I would make somewhat of a mood board to showcase you what I feel is going to be in this Spring/Summer personally for me.

Now, in terms of colour palette for me personally I find myself really liking whites, pinks and hints of nude here and there - who knew a girl who only wears black could enjoy some pretty colours in her time? Not me! But weirdly enough, I also find myself drawing more towards light and airy types of clothing, mainly both of these dresses. The first dress, which is the pink one from Missguided, would be perfect for throwing on with those patent nude/white flats, a few accessories and being on your way, it could also work for date night. The floral white dress on the otherhand is from Revolve and is a lot more expensive than the Missguided one at £262 - ouch! - but pretty nevertheless, and even though this is good for the day time, I also find that it could work for any events you have coming up such as outdoor parties, christenings or even weddings! 

Also, to keep to my dedicated trend of tight clothing - I find it fits my body shape a lot more - I couldn't go without showcasing a few figure hugging but also slightly slouchy pieces, such as these shorts from Boohoo and this crop top from Romwe. Both very good pieces for the warmer whether coming up, plus they also go very well with the patent flats, so overall you are getting your money's worth out of those shoes.

Moving onto what I feel will be in for men this Spring/Summer, I am definitely leaning more towards neutral, basic colours. A lot of the men in my life I tend to find wear more neutral based colour clothing over something bright and bold, therefore keeping in with the hotter months you can't go wrong with a pair of shorts. These ones from Boohoo Man are just perfect, as they'll keep you cool and stylish at the same time. Tie it in with a light-weight shirt like this one from Bonobos, and some cool sunglasses or everyday wearing glasses and you're going to be fit to conquer those clammy days.

What are you leaning more towards this Spring/Summer in terms of your style? Do you like more figure flattering items or more easy-breezy items?

*In Collaboration with Bonobos*

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