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Friday, 5 January 2018

Penny A Unwin: The Next Chapter

Penny A Unwin: The Next Chapter

Where do I even begin. 2017 for me I feel was much like everyone else's. There was ups, downs and sometimes turns you didn't even know existed. I unfortunately had the bad side to 2017, what with losing two grandparents in the space of 2 months so close to Christmas, as well as other little things. When 2018 came around I knew I wanted to make something of it. I am one of those people who always see's a new year as a fresh start. A fresh start to push forward and do right by the wrongs you did. I know one of the things I did in 2017 was neglect my blog. I posted here and there and sometimes not at all. I was trying to push content that I knew I didn't really like and therefore put me in a standstill of what do I want from my blog? That is why this year I am planning on making just a few - but rather large for me - changes. Let's see where 2018 takes us...

A New Direction
If you've been following or even reading my blog for a while now, then you will have noticed that the topic of my writing fell under the beauty, fashion and lifestyle category. After 2 years of blogging, it now being my third, I feel like I want to take a new route. I don't post any fashion-outfitty style posts just the occasional wishlist, and I mostly base my content on reviews in the beauty and skincare and sometimes haircare category.

So, after much thinking and trying to figure out what my niche is, I want to rebrand my blog to fall under the 'Acne and Lifestyle' category. I have chosen to go down this route, as I have personally dealt with having acne since I was around 10 years old. I am now 21 years old, soon to be 22 next month and feel with having all this experience and knowing what works and what doesn't, that I potentially want to put it out there to good use and allow anyone who has acne as well, know there is a space on the internet in which you can go and try and get some helpful tips and tricks. Acne is something which can't necessarily be dealt with in a couple of weeks, and I have found through friends and watching other people's videos, that even though some treatments offer you help, they can sometimes help for a small amount of time but then you may notice that your acne is coming back.

That is why this space isn't going to be about treating acne until it disappears, but more so a helpful guide in helping it calm down to a more manageable stage. So, if you have come across this blog or any future posts hoping to cure your acne within a few weeks to a month, then please click off. I am not going to be writing posts regarding acne in a way that will give you false hope, but more so in terms of helping you to come to terms with it. I personally have had a hard time dealing with acne, which I may talk about in a later date, but do know it isn't the end of the world.

The other category I want to focus my content on is lifestyle. I love reading personal posts, as well as sharing anything and everything that is in my life that I find some enthusiasm in. So any wishlists or beauty-related posts will now come under the reviews category, as I personally love trying out and testing new products and seeing how they work with my skin. Also, tying in with what I mentioned previously about having acne, I also want to help share products that may essentially work and not work to help any young or older readers in their purchasing stances. As for other posts to come to pennyaunwin, I am going to be writing more lifestyle based posts, so essentially more personal posts and maybe even the occasional where I've been style post which may or may sometimes include an outfit, I haven't quite yet figured this part out yet. If that is something you're interested in then make sure you look out for those posts.

Higher Quality Content
I have decided to up my content quality. For Christmas I asked for the Olympus Pen E-LP8, which let me tell you right now is such an amazing camera. It has everything you need as a beginner or even a professional, so if anyone wants a review on my thoughts even though there is many out there then let me know. A resolution I made for myself was to make this space a little bit more professional. I was originally using my iPhone 7 to take photos and even I know myself the quality wasn't great. Some turned out well, others not so well and it was always a bigger fight against the clock and daylight to get the right shots. I am now using the Olympus Pen E-LP8 with the standard kit lens and the blogger favourites lens; 45mm. They both work amazingly well especially for a camera noob like me, I am still slowly getting to grips with what works and wasn't doesn't. But I can tell you from here on out, expect a lot better quality content.

A Move In Platforms
As well as wanting to upgrade my photography and content, I am planning on changing platforms within the next month or so. With this will also come a new blog design (keep your eyes out for that). So, after a lot of research and looking into what each platform is going to offer me, I have decided to move from Blogger to Blogger has been amazing for me as a start-off, it has allowed me to understand what I want from my blog, let me dabble into HTML a little bit, as well as allowed me to try different blog designs to see what I liked and didn't like and so forth. Now I feel I am in a position where I want to take full control over my blog. With I am allowed to do this and feel with this new change, it will help depict how I want to put forth my content. And if you yourself are thinking about migrating over to a new platform, I found this and this post to be really helpful.

I can't wait to start a fresh new journey with my blog this year! 
Do let me know down below any posts you'd like to see for 2018!



  1. I'm so excited to see how you implement these changes, particularly your acne posts! because I have trouble with spots on my chin all the time, and I love reading reviews x

    1. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to sharing more of my experience in the hope that it helps someone. I'll be sure to write a post about my favourite spot treatments and remedies that also don't affect anyone with acne, so make sure you check back for it! x


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