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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Does It Really Work? My Scheming Blackhead Removal Mask

If you're an avid skincare junkie then you'll be well aware of the famous blackhead charcoal mask that made its rounds a couple of months ago as the best treatment to remove your blackheads other than the Biore blackhead strips. As soon as it hit YouTube I knew I had to give it a go after seeing the results, however, I decided to wait a while for the hype to die down as with most products I try out there that are hyped up I do find they don't always work for my skin. Sadly, this product did just the same.
I ordered my kit from YesStyle for around £15 in total, which also included postage. Inside it came with the sebum softener as step 1, the charcoal mask as step 2 and lastly the pore refining essence as step 3. These all work in conjunction with each other so it is better that you follow the steps through and just don't go straight for the charcoal mask as you may find it won't work as good. For a full how to, watch this video here

When it came to trialling and testing the blackhead removal mask I did find the whole process in itself to be quite time consuming and fiddly. For a kit which is meant to be good at removing blackheads I wasn't surprised to find that it would require more than one step, but having gone through the process twice I did find the Biore blackhead strips to work a lot better for the time and money spent.
After removing the blackhead pore strip which took around 40 minutes in total to dry completely (side note: the box says it should take around 30 minutes, but I waited until it was completely dry for better results) I noticed that barely any of my blackheads had been removed compared to when I use the Biore Pore Strips which work really well on my skin. However, what I did notice was that after I finished the 3-step course with the pore refining essence that my skin was left feeling really soft and smooth. This didn't last for long as after a couple of days I noticed that my skin started becoming dry in the areas that I applied the charcoal mask and it is only now that my skin has started to improve to its original state after using a lot of hydrating products. This was really disappointing after seeing so many people use this mask with the same skin type as me and them having amazing results. However, with having acne-prone skin this could have caused a slight irritation with my skin causing my skin to become dry, so if you're on the look out to try this product I would recommend being extra cautious when using it as you may find your skin becoming extra dry.

Have you tried the blackhead charcoal mask? What are your thoughts on it?

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