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Sunday, 11 March 2018

New Radox & Dove Shower Mousse Collections

One of my favourite ways to wind down/end my day is to have a bath. No matter what the weather is doing outside or time of day - I will always choose to have a bath over a shower. I guess with a bath comes the amount of choices you have to decide on with what you want to focus on for that particular day, whether that be distressing, uplifting or detoxifying to name a few or if you're like me just add a little bit of everything as you just love the smells, the colours and the amount of bubbles!

Now, although I do enjoy picking out what I'm going to use in my bath each day, my other favourite part is deciding what products I am going to indulge my skin in. I've tried everything from shower milks, to shower foams, to mousses and even just your standard shower gel. But ones that have always been my favourite are the shower mousses/foams. I find with this particular formulation you're getting more for your money's worth as a little goes a VERY long way and also because the scent tends to linger more.

An all time favourite of mine is the Imperial Leather Foamburst in Vanilla and Cherry - the scent is amazing, it lathers really well for such a small amount and also doesn't react with my oily/acne prone skin. The only downside to this particular product is the price tag with it being priced at around £3.00-£5.00 depending on where you purchase it from, which is not something I want to be paying especially if it isn't a luxurious product. Therefore, I made it my mission to find something that was similar, had a nice range of scents and had a much lower price tag that way if I went a little bit crazy with how much I used (I'm sure all of us enjoy going a little bit crazy with these sorts of products) then I didn't have product guilt when it came around to repurchasing again.

The two products that I found however, were the Radox Feel Shower Mousse which is a three product range, each having a different scent for the sense you're feeling these being; bright, vibrant and lastly vivacious and the Dove Shower Mousse range which also has a three product range, these being; argan oil, rose oil and lastly, coconut oil. 

The difference in these two collections, although quite similar in formulation is that they focus on something completely different. The Radox range focuses on what mood you're feeling whereas the Dove range focuses more so on using essential oils to help soften the skin. Therefore, these products could be used in conjunction with one another, such as using the Radox range to uplift your mood and then using the Dove range in areas you want to soften the skin such as after shaving. 

Another bonus to both these ranges as well is, that they come with a scratch for scent sticker on the lid. I feel more products should come with this option, especially bath products, as I am someone who prefers certain scents over others and who hates getting home to find out the product works amazing but is going to have to use it here and there just because I don't like the scent and don't want to waste it. So, essentially by having this option I am not only saving money but am also cherishing my bath times a lot more by using products that I enjoy.

A downside, however, to both these products is the material used for the applicator compared to the metal bottles that holds the product. On both products the applicator comes in a plastic material, which essentially is good in order to keep the price down to make them affordable but from personal experience the minute you snap the tiny bit of material keeping the applicator attached to the main part of the bottle, it's pretty much a fiddly process of trying to get the product out. Unfortunately, you can't screw the applicator back into place or press it down enough to attach to the small tube in which the product comes out from, so you may find you have water collected in the main rim as well as will find it fiddly to get the applicator to sit properly to get the product to come out.

The products itself are priced at £2.99 each for the Radox ones and £3.99 each for the Dove ones. Again, not the most affordable of shower mousses/foams, but I did find with these ones compared to my beloved Imperial Leather one is that firstly, a lot does go a long way and the scent lingers a lot more compared to the Imperial Leather one. Each range also has an amazing selection thus far to cater to something everyone will like. Another bonus also is that the Radox and Dove range have a much easier applicator compared to the Imperial Leather in the sense that you simply press down and the product will distribute without any fuss. Whereas I have found with some bottles of the Imperial Leather Body Foam is that you may have to press down a lot harder in order to get the product to come out, as well as sometimes even have to try and find a click point within the lid to make the distribution of the product a lot easier.

The product and formulations for both brands are very smooth and creamy. They glide onto the skin effortlessly, ensuring every inch of skin is pretty much gone untouched. They both rinse off really well, ensuring no residue is left behind such as a sticky feeling that you may find with mousse formulations themselves. Skin is left really smooth, as well as works amazingly with shaving ensuring the skin is protected and moisturised. As for moisturising the skin afterwards once you've finished showering/bathing, I found it worked really well with my normal moisturisers and didn't clog the pores or cause my skin to become overly moisturised.

Have you tried either of these ranges? What are your thoughts?


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